The Black and White Towers: protectors of Brașov

Eva Poteaca | Live the World

November 23, 2022

As some of you may know, Brașov is considered by many the Hollywood of Eastern Europe. A highly touristic city in the center or Romania, Brașov is one of our country's most visited cities. You can lose track of time on narrow streets, dance in the main square with street artists or surround yourself with nature. All of this and much more is at your fingertips in Brașov. Two towers were the protectors of Brașov in troublesome times, named the Black and the White Towers. The towers offer amazing panoramic views of the city throughout the entire year.

The Black Tower

Located on the Warthe Hill, just opposite the Tâmpa Hill, the Black and White Tower were the first defense towers of Brașov. Built in the 15th century, Black Tower was the first of its kind. When you reach it, you might be surprised by what you'll find there. The color of the tower isn't black at all. It received its name after it got hit by lightning on July 23, 1559 and was caught in the fire.

Picture © Credit to: Wikimedia iStock/ramonageorgescu

The tower offers various exhibitions and artifacts that remind us of another age. Spread across four levels, the fortification can be easily seen from the main square. The roof is made out of glass and offers visitors a special view of one exquisite example of Gothic in Romania, the Black Church.  

Black Tower is only a short trip from the main square. Families with small children make the short hike with no difficulties. Their reward is a view that has entranced even small children. 

Picture © Credit to: iStock/ramonageorgescu

The White Tower

For those of you who seek a longer hike, take into consideration the one that starts at the Black Tower and leads through the woods to the White Tower. Even though you are still in the city center, nature blossoms here. Small trails guide you to the highest standing tower in Brașov

White Tower has a semicircular shape and is also reachable through stairs. A 250 m staircase leads you to its entrance. It sits on a rock and is 20 m high. When it was still protecting the city, people needed a ladder to help them with entering the tower. At that time, the tower was protected by tin- and coppersmiths. The top of the tower was used to throw rocks at the enemies through offsets. The offsets are still present today.

Picture © Credit to: iStock/emicristea

On the way to the towers

Even though there is only one road separating the towers from the main square, there is something special about this road. This is a place that the sound of the busy city and cars can't reach. A flowing stream muffles all of the noise instead. Although the towers are right in the city center, there is a serenity surrounding them. 

Warthe Hill has long been a tourist attraction in Brașov. It offers panoramic views of the Tampa mountain and the surrounding areas. Here, visitors can see why it is so easy to take a stroll in the midst of legends in Brașov

Picture © Credit to: iStock/CalinStan

One can easily spend a week in Brașov and not get to see every wonderful thing in it. The Black and White Towers still stand today after hundreds of years. They were the protectors of Brașov, and for that, they are still admired today. Check out the panoramic views from the towers and fall in love with Brașov

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