Taking a stroll in the midst of legends in Brașov

Eva Poteaca | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Romania is a country filled with legends about the vampires, the caves with supernatural powers, the unfulfilled love that could turn people into stone or the giants that stole the sun. These historical stories have always brought people together in appreciation of the country and its values. Storytelling has always been important to the Romanian people, uniting the past and the present, the old and the young. One of the places with a great number of legends is the city of Brașov, located in** southeastern Transylvania. Here, you are taking a stroll in the midst** of legends.

Tampa Mountain

Picture © Credit to: sorincolac

The first thing that catches the eye of many visitors coming to Brașov is the Tampa Mountain. This peak in the middle of the city has two interesting legends behind it. The first story has a dragon as its villain. The locals say that there once lived a dragon in a cave of Tampa. It terrified the people and killed the children of the ruler. After this terrible event, people tried to hunt the dragon, but they didn't succeed. A butcher came up with a suggestion. He filled the cow skins with limestone so that the creature would eat it. After the dragon feasted the butcher's invention, it drank a lot of water, and its stomach started to swell up until it burst. So, why does the Tampa mountain have a shape of a sleeping dragon? Because that is where the dragon met its end.

The lake in the mountain

A less mythological legend of the Tampa peak is the following. A long ago, it was believed that a great lake exists under the Tampa, maybe the remains of an ancient sea. The people of Brașov always feared to build a tunnel under the mountain because they were sure that all the water would pour out and swallow them. To this day, Brașov doesn't have a tunnel under the mountain and perhaps it never will. Many have tried finding the entry into the mountain but weren't successful. This doesn't stop tourists from coming and walking the trails of the Tampa mountain. Even if you don't find it, the Tampa will surely surprise you with its stunning views of the city and nature nearby.

The importance of a crown

The next legend evolves around the Hungarian king Solomon,** who once ruled over the area of Brașov. The coat of arms of Brașov represents a crown placed on a tree trunk. Wondering why? King Solomon was once almost captured by his enemies. For that not to happen, he placed his crown on one of the trees near him and fled in the opposite direction. His enemies couldn't recognize him without the crown, and so he escaped. This is how one crown saved the life of its ruler. Later on, a farmer found the crown. The city of Brasov is said to be situated exactly where the crown was found. The coat of arms can be seen on many buildings in historical Brașov. One of these buildings is the Council Market**, right in the center of the city. This building was transformed into a history museum which also hosts the festivals.

Picture © Credit to: alenkadr

The stones of Solomon

King Solomon's legend isn't over. After fleeing to his enemies, he took shelter in a cave. That cave was situated between two mountains made of stone. Those mountains and the area were named the Stones of Solomon. With a high air quality and the refreshing streams, the Stones of Solomon are just a short bus ride away from the city center. The area is also known for its hiking trails and rock climbing options. Hike up the slain dragon, take a walk where the king's crown dangled from a tree or climb the rocks near the king's perfect hiding place. Visiting the city of Brașov really is like taking a stroll in the midst of legends.

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