The best spots for shopping in Warsaw

Anna Kowalska | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Warsaw is the capital of Poland and its biggest city with a vast variety of services. Thus, it is probably also the best place in the country when it comes to shopping. Travelling around Poland, you will easily notice that there is a big shopping centre culture - in almost every big city the main railway station is joined by a large shopping mall and Warsaw is no different. In this story, I will try to point out the best spots where you can go shopping in Warsaw apart from the apparent shopping centres. 

Marszałkowska Street - Domy Centrum Department Store

©iStock/Artur Bogacki

Facing the Palace of Culture and Science, Domy Centrum (called Wars, Sawa, and  Junior) is a part of the 1960s urban scheme called 'The Eastern Wall' of Marszałkowska Street. The complex is one of the best realized modernist projects in Poland and consists mainly of lower modernist bazaars, three skyscrapers, and eight lower surrounding buildings. An important part of the project was the space behind the buildings that was created as a walking promenade decorated with designer lamps and greenery. Today, it is still a busy walking area with a square that opens to Chmielna Street, where you can find multiple cafes, and among them - Lukullus. Throughout the year, many parts of the project changed quite drastically, so I encourage you to take a look at archival photos if you are interested in architecture. 

The central department stores were built as a shopping space and still serve their purpose. Walking along Marszałkowska, you will definitely find there all the most popular clothing brands, cosmetic stores, and even a big bookshop.  

Mokotowska and Koszykowa streets


If you are looking for something more original than Zara, the area of the crossing of Mokotowska and Koszykowa streets is a place for you. It is known for its boutiques and concept stores. Amongst the brands, you will definitely find a niche perfumery, Polish designers' showrooms, and a jewellery store located in a beautiful area not far away from the centre.

Vitkac Department Store

©WikimediaCommons/Adrian Grycuk

When you are somewhere in the centre, close to the famous palm tree, and looking to go on a shopping spree, you can also visit the Vitkac shopping centre. Its name derives from the name of one of the greatest Polish avant-garde artist Witkacy, who used to live on the same street for a while. This one specialises in luxury brands and offers great interiors to see. Its modern black structure is very elegant and stands out among other buildings on the street. In Vitkac, you will find brands like Louis Vuitton, Gucci, or Celine. Moreover, the store offers a Michelin-recommended restaurant located on the last floor, the terrace of which overviews Warsaw.

If you feel like buying something nice during your next trip to Poland, you can try visiting some of the spots in Warsaw that I suggested above, as they are best for shopping besides the malls. Buying some locally produced goods might be a nice souvenir to bring back home. 

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