The best spots for breakfast in Yerevan

Lusine Vardanyan | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Many people like to have a proper and nice breakfast. Some like to have just a coffee, and some prefer the croissants, sweets, and cakes with it. Here, I will tell you about the best spots for breakfast in Yerevan for the people with different preferences. I have to say that in Armenia, it is not a very common thing among the locals to have breakfast outside. It could be that it’s a cultural thing, and that is why you can always find some available seats at the cafes I am going to mention below.  The right place to have breakfast matters a lot as your mood for the rest of the day depends on how you start your morning. 

Baguette & Co café-shop

Baguette & Co café-shop is located in the city center, right on the Abovyan-Tumanyan crossroad. There are the seats inside and outside as well. Early in the morning, when it is still a bit cold outside, you can ask for a blanket and enjoy your breakfast following how the city wakes up. This place is famous for its sweets, cakes, croissants and other things that perfectly go with breakfast.  On the other hand, here you can also grab a good quality coffee and random herbal teas. The staff is very friendly, and the atmosphere is good to start your day. Here, they also sell fresh French bread. In Baguette, the working day starts at 8 am.   

picture © credits to Lucy

Louis Charden Bakery café

Louis Charden is a perfect place for those who like a French style breakfast. Here, you can find a big selection of croissants with different fillings, cakes made with apple, pineapple and other fruits, sandwiches and many other things.  It is a cozy place for breakfast or a cappuccino with croissants. There is also a selection of warm and just baked bread in the shop, that is located on the ground floor.  From there, you can also grab the sandwiches and sweets to take away. Their working day starts at 8:30 am. 

picture credits to © Milkos


Though Aperitivo is good at any time of the day, and here you can have a lunch and a dinner as well, it is also a perfect place for breakfast. The café is located by the cascade that is one of the most beautiful corners of Yerevan. During the daytime and in the evenings, this area is very crowded. However, in the mornings, it is calm, and while having breakfast, you will also enjoy the view. They have a special breakfast menu, where you can definitely find something you will like. In general, this café is much liked by the locals.

picture © credits to rparys

I hope that my article will help you to find the best spots for breakfast in Yerevan. To know more about the places with great deserts, check my article on cozy places to try sweets.  

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