The best local brewpubs in Helsinki

Pauliina Flam | Live the World

November 23, 2022

It is not a secret that craft beer became quite popular in the last few years. The craft beer obsession also came into Finland, opening countless breweries all over the country; as a result, nowadays, Finland offers some of the best beer varieties that even won international competitions. So, let us dive into Helsinki's brewpubs and the local beer varieties available for you to taste.

© Official Website/Teerenpeli


Teerenpeli started brewing in the city of Lahti and later on spread to He[lsinki]( and other cities. If you are into high spirit drinks you should know that they also have a distillery. In my opinion, the best thing about this place is that in Teerenpeli Helsinki, they make a range of specialty beer that you can taste only here; a reason to visit, right? Before visiting, do not hesitate to scroll through their events since there are some cool things on the list: you could have a tasting session or even drink a beer while painting! Teerenpeli is a place for hanging out and chatting since it is always full of people enjoying the friendly atmosphere.

© Official Website/Teerenpeli


Touring Helsinki, you can not miss Bryggeri - it is near to everything you are going to visit! Situated in the perfect place, Bryggeri is my personal favorite for a stout and porter beer. The atmosphere inside the bar reminds of Bavarian beer houses: the long tables with benches make it easy to meet new people and enjoy your time in big groups. In Bryggeri, the grate taste also spreads onto foods; besides our beloved bar food, you can also expect interesting seasonal dishes. After all, even Santa Claus visited this place, so there is no excuse for you to miss Bryggeri!

© Official Website/Bryggeri

Suomenlinna Brewery

Remember the gem of the Fi[nnish archipelago?]( Time to visit Suomenlinna island! On your next visit, you can combine the main attraction of Helsinki with a local beer tasting in a restaurant of Suomenlinna Brewery. This is not exactly a bar but a restaurant, so you can combine local beer with some quality food. My favorites are seasonal beers with their big range of different tastes.

© Official Website/SuomenlinnanPanimo

Even though Suomenlinna Brewery was established in 1995, Suomenlinna's beer history starts long before that, and so one more great thing about this place occurs: you can taste the past through their menu. Su[omenlinna]( belonged to Sweden and later to Russia before Finland became independent; all that is transferred into the local culinary! The influences of two countries combined with Finnish ingredients, is an interesting and delicious journey.

© Official Website/SuomenlinnanPanimo


Another brewery-restaurant that should be on your checklist is Bruuveri. The Social Brewing Lab is a small brewery inside the restaurant that you can watch in progress while enjoying your meal. Try visiting at lunchtime for a diverse buffet or catch a happy hour for some delicious drink discounts.  There is also a Tasting Room in Bruuveri, and exciting tasting events are happening behind this door every month. In my experience, this place also holds the best barmen ready to advise you on your craft beer journey. In the end, if a whole wall of awarded beers on Bruuveri's wall will not convince you, I do not know what will.

© Official Website/Bruuveri

Stadin Panimo

Last but not least, I am introducing you to Stadin Panimo. This brewery bar is a bit further from the city center of Helsinki, but if you are looking for some unique tastes - this is the one. Stadin Panimo has a unique brewing technique, which results in a very aromatic flavor. Besides that, local beer is additive-free, unpasteurized, and ended up to be the best beer in Finland, even winning a competition. However, if you like to go with a "safe option," there are always everyone's favorite Belgique classics in store. Stadin Panimo is a cool place making exclusive beer with an individual approach, and I mean this literally since, in Stadin Panimo, you can even have your own beer designed just for you!

© Official Website/StadinPanimo

Do not miss out on enjoying the best local brewpubs while in Helsinki! Cheers!

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