The beauty of nature in Vintgar Gorge

Vintgar Gorge or Bled Gorge is one of Slovenia's most popular visitor spots, which will inspire you with its fabulous view and make you feel connected to the beautiful, green nature there. As the name of the gorge suggests, it is located near the famous Slovenian lake Bled - one of the most well-known locations in the country, capturing and representing a part of Slovenia’s greatest beauty.

Picture © Credits to: Wikimedia Commons / Erik

A relaxing walk in nature

There is a wooden path leading through the gorge with several bridges, located just a couple of meters above the crystal blue water. The route is not too difficult and is suitable for everyone, being just perfect for a relaxing walk in nature, in the morning or afternoon. If you would like to avoid bigger crowds while visiting the gorge, I would recommend going there as early in the day as possible. The entry opens at 8 am. That way, you can really enjoy the silence and listen to the peaceful sounds of water flowing through the narrow valley. I would also recommend wearing good footwear, as the ground can often get slippery.

Picture © Credits to: Wikimedia Commons / Sporti

The river running through Vintgar gorge, which is also responsible for its creation, is called the Radovna River. It is also a part of one of the most beautiful Slovenian alpine valleys of Triglav National Park. You will be able to follow the path of the river very closely, while also observing the steep walls of the valley, as well as the various plant and animal species. Even though Vintgar Gorge is probably the most known and visited gorge in Slovenia, there are many other similar locations that you can visit, one of them being the Iška Gorge, located near the country's capital of Ljubljana.

Picture © Credits to: Wikimedia Commons / ivabalk

When to visit

You can visit Vintgar gorge every day, from April to November, and the entrance fee is four euros, less for larger groups and children. If you are travelling by car, there is a free parking space available near the entrance of the gorge. The destination is most visited in the summer, when tourists and people from all over Slovenia come there, with their friends and families, looking for a bit of refreshment in the hotter months. You can complete your visit with a hot meal or a drink in a restaurant called Gostilna Vintgar, located only a short walk from the gorge. 

Make a memory

The visit to Vintgar gorge or Blejski vintgar is also a great opportunity to take some breath-taking photos, which will remind you of your trip and keep the beauty of Slovenia in your mind and heart forever. Again and again, destinations like this make us feel inspired and honoured to be able to see and explore peaceful and untouched parts of nature in our world.

Picture © Credits to: Wikimedia Commons / biosynthesis24

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