The authentic Mežica Mine: kayak and cycle under Mount Peca

The Mežica Mine was once an active and vital Slovenian mine, where zinc and lead were dug. It operated for over 300 years and was the source of income for numerous families in the Mežica Valley. After the mine was closed, a rich technical, cultural and natural heritage remained, which is still being passed on today. Nowadays, the Mežica Mine is known for offering an authentic experience of the underground** of Mount Peca and introducing the lives of the hard-working miners. When I say authentic, I really mean it. Tours of the mine are not only implemented by foot, but also by cycling through a passage under Mount Peca, kayaking, **or a magical underground train ride.

An unforgettable train ride 

Like all these three types of tours, your trip with the mining train will being with being given the right and safe mining clothes and equipment. Then, you will be taken to the heart of the Mežica Mine and exit at a station 600 meters below the surface. This unique train ride will take approximately 15 minutes, during which you will travel through the 3.5 kilometers long Glančnik Trench. Accompanied by an experienced guide, you will then embark on a tourist route by foot. You will be presented the history and methods of mining and the equipment used by miners in different periods of history, from the beginnings (350 years ago) to the last days of mining in the previous century. With the help of exhibits, you will experience an authentic representation of a miner’s work day, which will be enriched by receiving a typical miner’s lunch. Impressed and full of new knowledge, you will return to the surface via the mining train

© Facebook / Podzemlje Pece

Cycling through the underground tunnels 

For those who enjoy being active and participating in activities like hiking or cycling, a trip to the Mežica Mine definitely won’t be a disappointment. Mountain bikes are primarily used for the enjoyment of cycling on the mountainous terrain, but here, you will get the opportunity of riding your bike through the tunnels under Mount Peca. With a guide and lamps, you can safely cycle over 8 kilometers of unique underground trails from one valley to another and experience an unforgettable adventure. Although the path doesn't involve much climbing, you should be extremely careful, as the humps of the former railway thresholds can make the terrain difficult to cross in some areas. 

© Facebook / Podzemlje Pece

Kayaking through the clear waters under Mount Peca 

Aside from cycling, you can also decide for the one-of-a-kind option of kayaking through the Mežica Mine's underground trenches. After riding the train, you will be given the necessary equipment (boots, a waterproof jacket, a helmet and a lamp), and then begin your authentic trip with special kayaks, usually suitable for three people. You can paddle through the calm and clear waters and explore the underground labyrinth of trenches under Mount Peca and eventually head back to the starting point through a narrow tunnel.

© Facebook / Podzemlje Pece

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