The artwork of nature: pools and pots of Nisevac Gorge

Milena Mihajlovic | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Nisevac village is situated only 7 km from the town of Svrljig, on the slopes of the imposing rocks and hills. The optimal position testifies of the continuous inhabitancy as from the earliest times, and the cliffs near Nisevac and Svrljig serve as a history textbook of sorts. Aside from the remarkable historical importance, for a small village counting a little more than 400 inhabitants, Nisevac sure got the nature’s affection as well. The pools and pots of the small river Belica, near the Nisevac Gorge, are the real artwork of nature.

Belica's pots © Credits to Terra Incognita

I mean, don’t you want to jump in, just by looking at the photo?.

What’s so special about the Belica pools and pots?

Even though it’s short, the river Belica creates the exquisite landforms and series of natural pools popularly called “Belica’s pots.” In its narrowest part, the strong whirling currents of the tiny river have created 16 eversion pots internally connected by small waterfalls.

Belica's pots © Credits to Terra Incognita

While it’s possible to walk through the most of the pots, some of them are large enough to be considered natural pools, as you have to swim in order to get through and continue exploring the garish ravine. The pots are excessively beautiful in the late spring when the river levels are higher, and its ice-cold water revitalizes both body and soul.

Belica's pots © Credits to Terra Incognita

The best part? You can drink the water of the river Belica directly from the eversion pots and pools.

Stunning Nisevac Gorge

Nisevac Gorge follows the curly meanders of the Svrljiski Timok River. In its humble 1.5 km of length, it offers some stunning views, exotic viewpoints, and daunting cliffs. In a place where the Belica River joins the Timok River, there is a natural pool and a favorite swimming spot of the visitors. Above the nicely tucked little river beach, there is a high rock overlooking the river and nearby cliffs, and a favorite spot for taking stunning photos of the area.

View overlooking the Nisevac Gorge © Credits to Terra Incognita

At the beginning of the 20th century, the railway was built through the imposing rocks and cliffs, now offering an exciting view all over the place. The railway still works on the regular basis, connecting the two major town in the eastern and southern Serbia - Zajecar and Nis. In order to experience the best of the Nisevac Gorge, one part of the trail will take you following the railway and through the train tunnels, but don’t fret! While the idea of meeting the train there sure raises our adrenaline levels, the trains always signal their passing with a strong whistle, and even in the worst case, there is enough space to move to the side and wait for the train to pass.

Train bridge in Nisevac Gorge © Credits to Terra Incognita

Only 20 km far, there is the Samar Cave, a place recorded in the Guinness Record Book, where a scientist Milutin Veljkovic spent the longest period of time living underground. The calcite and karst rocks of the area are a perfect material for the nature to create outstanding artworks, like the Nisevac Gorge along with the numerous caves, passages, and stunning pots and pools of the Belica River.

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