The Anarchy town of Denmark

Kai Bonsaksen | Live the World

November 23, 2022

​It's called Christiania. There were some underground freedom activist who claimed this place without any government allowance in 1971. There's up to a 1000 people living there and it covers 84 acres. Before it was pretty much the opposite of an anarchist place, it was a military base. It was the most hardcore authoritarian ways of life until it felt apart and some "hippies" took over.

If you like Anarchy areas you can check out the Anarchy district of Athens.


Can we tell others what to do?

The place still stands tall! Being told what to do was not their thing. So they made this place and it contrasts the EU. They also have rules which tell you what to do. Please note that anarchism does not mean ''no rules''. It means lack of state. So check out the rules for Christiania:


How to come here

​From the center it takes about 50 minutes to walk. Go to Christianshavn by metro. Stop at Christianshavn St and turn southeast towards Dronningensgade. Walk from here or take bus 9A from Christianshavn St only to get off at the next stop at Bodenhoffs plads.

The green light district

The Greenlight district. Also called Pusher street. They openly sold drugs in this street until 2016 when a police officer was hurt by gunshots and the people gathered and they decided to close down this street and you cannot openly sell and buy drugs anymore. Of course there were a lot of pissed dealers and users about this. Still, it shows that this place is very principled to its values. The dealers and users are also principled to their own business. So if you have a code word like "græs", "kage", "stoffer", you will soon be presented with a wide variety of options. (Don't do this. Follow the rules of your own country. I wanted to tell you how it is done so that you're informed. Not to encourage anything of course).

The community posted on FB this: “We can take away the shops, but we can’t make sure that they stay closed and do not reopen. To do this we need the support and help from all of Denmark and one way that can help is if you do not buy hash out here.”

More police in Pusher street

The police were invited to put up cameras in pusher street after this incident. Three days later the cameras got crushed by ''Pushers'' (locals in Pusher street). The community wants the drugs sold by locals only. No organized gangs from outside.


Are photos allowed?

​There was a rule in Christiania of no photos. That rule doesn't exist anymore! Now you're allowed to shoot as much as you like there! Shoot with your camera. No guns are allowed in here.

A little bit of history

​Before the 1920s this part of the city was full of factories. The buildings remain from those days. Then the businesses became less profitable and this was no longer the commercial center. After that, there came bohemiams here. You will see no commercials around. No offers of a new shaver on the walls. This contrasts with Copenhagen.

​Go here if you want these things:

A place by the lake, Self-made kindergartens, self-made houses, self-made cafes, self-made museums and self-made nightclubs

There's a focus on playgrounds for children. This is a thing that repeats itself from the An[archy district of Athens.](

Not your usual family vacation

​This is a very eccentric and different place. Ask yourself if you are ready for something very different. It's like when you go to the supermarket and want to buy pizza like you always do. Then you see a new version of pizza which is made of chocolate instead of tomato sauce. With a pie bottom instead of pizza dough and on top of that there are marshmallows. Would you buy that? It is full of extraordinarily good ingredients. But it's so different!

On the city sign when you leave Christiania it says: ''Now entering the EU''

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