The 5 Best Beaches of Cornwall

I previously wrote about some of the amazing surf spots that you can find in this very southerly part of the UK (probably the only real area where you can find consistently good weather and beaches). Of course many of those surf spots come with beaches attached, but I wanted to write about some of my favourite beaches with a more quiet and family friendly atmosphere.

Number 5 - Porthcurno Beach

Porthcurno is a bit wild and exciting, but a really incredible find. Not everyone knows about this more sheltered spot, and so it's great on a busy summer day. This is a golden-sand beach, and although the tide can come up very high at times, when it's low there are few beaches in the area to beat the wide open stretches of sand. At one end of the beach there is an Iron Age castle ruin, and the other is the Minack Theatre.

Number 4 - Harlyn Bay

My favourite thing about Harlyn Bay, on the northern coast, is the space. This beach is a vast empty open plain, and it's incredible for running around, flying kites, football or really any kind of activity. The beach is not at all sheltered and so it can be windy and a bit wet, but for pure space, you won't find better. Even though this beach is not hugely popular (as again the full tide covers much of the beach), there are even life-guards keeping everyone safe during the summer months.

Number 3 - Mawgan Porth Beach

I'm absolutely a child (and curious animal lover) at heart, and so the chance to explore rock pools will always make me giggle with excitement. The rocky shore line that leads into the water on the sides of this beach make for the ideal place to go hunting crabs and little creatures that shelter in the small pools. The beach is right next to a small village and also is one of the closest beaches to Newquay Airport (good points and bad too).

Number 2 - Kynance Cove

White sands, really clear water and exciting caves to explore - sounds good to me! Kynance Cove has only recently had easily accessible roads opened up, and so this little paradise (which apparently is one of the most photographed beaches in the UK) is not super popular (apart from those looking for a quick insta-shot) and so is one to visit whilst you can still enjoy the wilderness of it. It's almost like a little collection of islands, with boulders and rock formations sprouting out of the sand.

Number 1 - Fistral Beach

Fistral is one of the most popular beaches in the UK, and for excellent reason. It is often busy in Summer, but this beach is huge! Walking from the car park or paths to the sea when the tide is fully out is a bit of a mission, but well worth it. The main draw here is the many surf schools and easy fun waves. I've stayed in cute little beach cottages next to this beach a few times, and the atmosphere here is 100% 'relaxed surf-vibe', and if that's what you are seeking for a weekend away, then Fistral is a world-beater.

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