5 Incredible Surf Spots in Cornwall

I previously wrote that Cornwall was mainly people seeking out the best Cornish pasty, but that was not entirely accurate. There is more to do here besides pastries, and surfing is near the top of that list. I've put together five of my favourite beach breaks in Cornwall, all with tried and tested reliable waves most of the year.


This is one of the quiet spots on the list, and Gwithian Beach only has a little cafe and a shop, with space for a few cars to park. It's really a great place to come and enjoy the waves with not too much company. It's also a fantastic place for beginners, as the waves are fairly consistent and gentle. On one side of the beach there are little and easy waves, and on the other the waves get a little bigger and rougher, but are very easy to avoid. And so surfers can choose what size and strength of wave they want!


Perranporth Beach is connected to Penhale Beach, and together they make one of the longest beaches in Cornwall, with great waves all over and some beautiful natural scenery. Perranporth town gives quite a bit more activities and places to go compared to Gwithian, and so you can find a lot more here. There is also a beach bar called The Watering Hole located directly on the beach, with amazing views out over the ocean.

Praa Sands

Praa Sands Beach is another quiet one, and is almost deserted most of the year. When the good weather arrives (more often in Cornwall than other parts of the UK) the beach can be busy, but nothing like more populated areas. The waves here can be a little more inconsistent, as well as a bit rougher. The bay is fairly exposed, and the so you can find pretty heavy winds that push the waves onto the beach with more force than in other spots. Praa Sands is good for when you are feeling a bit braver and more adventurous.


This is a gentle spot, and if the waves at Praa Sands are a bit much for you, or look a little scary, the waves at Perranuthanoe are typically a few feet smaller. At high tide there is basically no beach, so don't leave all your things lying around when the tide starts to turn and come in. Because of the difficult tides (which also creates backwash and rips) there are rarely more than a handful of surfers here, and so it's a good spot for a peaceful surf, as long as your timing is good.


This Blue Flag beach is the final one in the list, and provides a great balance between peaceful enjoyment and busy activity. There are lifeguards here, shops and cafes and parking, but it is rarely extremely busy. This area is known for great Bed & Breakfast accommodation which makes it perfect for surfing trips.

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