Take the Aller-Bicycle-Track - Decision time

Christian Stascheit | Live the World

November 23, 2022

After the first and second part of the Aller-Bicycle-Track, there is a junction close to Seggerde, where you have to make a decision. Either you continue the Aller-Bicycle-Track to Eggenstedt (Section 5) or take the direction to Hohenwarthe (Section 6). Both trips are mostly far away from busy streets, well prepared and go straight through the nature of the Lueneburger Heath. Both routes lead through the beautiful Boerde district and are suited for a day trips with kids. The area, as you can see in the cover picture, gets especially colorful during spring, because rapeseed is in bloom and dominates the landscape with bright yellow colours. The area of section 5 is highly historically influenced by the presence of the former German Wall and one can explore on the way to Eggenstedt, the most frequented checkpoint in Marienborn during the division of Germany or discover the charming region of the Middle Elbe Biosphere Reserve close to Hohenwarthe. Continue reading to get the details in order to make your choice easier.

I agree the pronunciation for non-native German speakers of Oebisfelde and Eggenstedt might be difficult, but the 58 kilometers between these two cities along the river Aller continues to be beautiful and worth discovering. Alone the little fortress city of Oebisfelde deserves to be checked out with its medieval wall around its core - forming little cosy alleys behind it.

Picture © Credits to Wikipedia/Yerodin

Apart from the fortress the church from the 14th century is a highlight of Oebisfelde. As you can see in the following picture its tower is slightly tilted – standing out over the buildings of the medieval city.  

Picture © Credits to Wikipedia/Vanellus Foto

Another historic highlight is the former border crossing point to East-Germany in Helmstedt-Marienborn. Since 2011 the memorial about the German separation has been a European cultural heritage site. The following picture from the 12th of May 1949 and more material in the exhibition gives you an insight into the former uneasy living, being that close to the German Wall.

Picture © Credits to Wikipedia/Bundesarchiv, Bild 183-S85147 / Heilig, Walter / CC-BY-SA 3.0

If you are up for more cycling than from Eggenstedt, continue over the Aller-Harz-Bicycle-Track to the Europe-Bicycle-Track or onto the Harz-Bicycle-Circular-Route.

Honestly I know Seggerde and Hohenwarthe aren’t any easier to pronounce than Oebisfelde and Eggenstedt, but also in these areas lay a lot of sights to be mentioned. Just before Seggerde you have to switch to the Elbe-Aller-Bicycle-Track, which leads you, after 80 kilometres, to Hohenwarthe with the longest channel bridge in Europe. It is a beautiful area and pictures like the following of the twilight on the Elbe near Hohenwarthe in the Middle Elbe Biosphere Reserve show it off to the fullest.

Picture © Credits to Wikipedia/Robert Braune

All in all, there is a lot to see and explore on the Aller-Bicycle-Track and I couldn’t mention all its highlights, so I’ve tried to give you some suggestions and in the end, the best is to plan a bit beforehand and decide on the track spontaneously where it leads you. Have a good trip!

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