Take a Little Break and Breathe, Sapanca

Idil Birben | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Sapanca, my hometown, is a place where you can just relax and forget about all your troubles. It offers you the green and the blue in the summer, and endless white during the winter, so I can say any season of the year can be the perfect time to visit Sapanca. The town has always been known for its beauty by the Turkish people but I must say in the recent years it started gain an international reputation. Sapanca is a lake-side town only an hour and a half away from Istanbul which makes it really easy to take a day trip to escape the big city life and breathe.

Even though I was not born in Sapanca, I was raised there and if anyone asks me where is home, I would definitely say that it is this small town i know like the back of my hand.

Throughout the past 5 years many boutique hotels has been opened as well as two big hotels with spa and relaxation facilities which are really good for people who are visiting and want have a Sapanca experience. To be honest as a local I have mixed feeling about all the concrete investment being made into a small town, even though many hotels are trying their best to blend in with the nature. We all love enjoying holidays and these little escapes where we can feel more connected with the mother nature but sometimes we forget to respect and protect what she gives us. So please keep that in ming when you are visiting this cute place:)

So what can you do when you come to this town? Well if it is summer, you can take a swim in the lake, take a little walk to the town centre which has nice small cafes to have some food or coffee. There are many restaurants by the lake and up in the mountains which offer amazing breakfast and dinner choices including fresh fish from the lake. If it is winter, I have to say you need to enjoy the snow and make a snowman:) then you can drive up to the ski centre in the mountains and improve your skills. The choice is yours!

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