Svendborg, Denmark’s 'slow city'

Masa Mesic | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Svendborg is a small town on mainland Denmark, also known as the capital of South Fyn. Svendborg is known for its charming look, calm lifestyle, and great shopping. Svendborg is also rich in its small-town shopping, entertainment, and outdoor activities, especially during the warm summer months. 

The town’s shopping is divided into the Latin Quarter, Møllergade- which is the longest shopping street in Svendborg, and an indoor shopping center in case you want to go all out. On Møllergade you can find some great food shops, art galleries, music shops, and other unique products sold by Danish brands. Every year the shop and restaurant owners of Møllergade, take part in “The World’s Friendliest Street Party,” bringing out their products and stands for visitors to enjoy.   

Picture © Credits to visitsvendborg

The town of Svendborg is also known as ‘cittaslow’; the city got this title, as it’s a town of slow living, quality lifestyle and pure enjoyment. 

As you arrive in Svendborg, take the opportunity to stroll down some of the narrow cobbled stoned streets, admiring the small Danish shops and boutiques. Make sure you also sit down for a nice cup of coffee in one of the many cafes in the town center, or closer to the harbor area for a magnificent view. 

Picture © Credits to Masa Mesic

If you happen to be in Svendborg during the summertime, make sure you head over to Fredriksø. Fredriksø is a rather lively place from April until the end of October. It is a hyggligt (cozy) outdoor area where locals come to hang out, have a drink, and enjoy the view. There is something for all ages and interests, including mini-golf and indulging in an Aperol spritz on a man-made sand beach bar. In case you are hungry, the area has its very own food trucks, and a small hut where you can recycle your books. This means that you can either offer your books for others to read or grab a new book or two to read during your summer adventures. 

Picture © Credits to Masa Mesic
Picture © Credits to Masa Mesic

On the same side of the harbor, you will find Denmark's Museum for Lystsejlads (Danish yachting museum). The museum contains an exhibition of around 40 different vessels portraying more than 150 years of Danish sailing history. The museum has officially moved and changed its premises after the celebration of its 20th anniversary in 2016. 

Picture © Credits to Masa Mesic

Another important fact to mention is that Svendborg is a vital ferry town. The ferries that leave from this harbor can take you to the majestic island of Ærø, which is known as the sunniest place in Denmark, and one of the most beautiful pearls of the country. You may also like to visit smaller islands, which are reachable with the ferry from Svendborg, such as Skarø, Drejø, and Hjortø. 

Picture © Credits to Masa Mesic

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