The Majestic Island of Ærø

Masa Mesic | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Ærø is known as the sunniest place in Denmark, an island of only 88 square kilometers with a population of around 6000 people. The island lies in the south Funen Archipelago, a short drive from the German border.    

Ær[ø Island ]( known for its charms, including the stunning nature, water sports, cycling trails, colourful beach huts and delicious local seafood. If you are traveling from mainland Denmark the ferry will take you to Ærø’s picturesque town called Ærøskøbing. Ærøskøbing is a true fairytale town with cobbled stoned streets and small colorful townhouses, which give the town a rather unique setting and atmosphere. 

Picture © Credits to Simon Jensen

Every house is painted in a different colour, and has a unique style, with "artsy looking" doors, which are rather small in size. Most houses also have lanterns in front of their doors, as well as old street lamps, which give the narrow streets a cosy look. Due to its charm and majestic look, Ærøskøbing has been awarded numerous times for its conservation of European heritage and for its touristic sites of national significance.    

Picture © Credits to Masha Mesic

Over the years Ærøskøbing has become an extremely popular place for foreigners to get married, not only because of its charms and beautiful scenery but also due to uncomplicated Danish paperwork. The ceremonies can take place in English and are held in the town hall, outdoors in the nature or by the sea. The town hall and wedding organizers are ready to assist the couples with all the paperwork, making it a stress-free experience. No wonder Ærø has become such a popular place for foreigners to get married and has even been featured on numerous TV programmes and shows, including the Oprah Show. 

Are you looking for local food?

Ærøskøbing Røgeri is a fantastic place for lunch and offers also multiple options for outdoor seating. Their specialties include smoked herring, mackerel, trout, salmon, and smoked shrimp. A popular specialty, which you must try, is the thick pancake-looking fish cakes, which you cut into slices and eat with Remoulade (Danish kind of mayonnaise) on top. In terms of drinks, you can also taste the amazing local drought beer, called Ærø ØL.    

Picture © Credits to Masha Mesic
Picture © Credits to Masha Mesic

Speaking of beer, when on Ærø you must taste the local Ærø ØL (beer), which you can find in numerous places including the actual brewery that produces it. At Rise Bryggeri you can take a tour of the brewery, which also includes an opportunity for beer tasting. The brewery also offers a delicious lunch and has its very own shop for further beer purchases.

Picture © Credits to Masha Mesic

Colourful Beach Huts

Summer time in Ærø is definitely the perfect time to check out the colourful beach huts, which can be found in Ærøskøbing- Vesterstrand, but also in Marstal in Eriks Hale. These beach huts are symbols of the island and are thus well maintained by their owners and the local communes. 

Picture © Credits to Simon Jensen

Søby is Ærø’s third largest town and hosts the island's ship yard where many of the locals work. Søby also has a beautiful sandy beach and an old style windmill, which adds more charm to the small town.    Marstal is Ærø’s largest town and is known for its small boutiques, ice-cream shops, as well as the Maritime Museum, which will take you through the history of ships and sea life, which has been present on the island since 1824.    

Picture © Credits to Masha Mesic

One of my favourite places to visit on the island where you can get a magnificent view of the island is the Skjoldnæs Lighthouse; if the weather is clear you might be able to see Germany.   

Picture © Credits to Masha Mesic

Stay in a countryside glamping tent

During your visit to this majestic island of Ærø, make sure to get a full countryside experience by spending the nights in this glamping tent at an organic farm. The tent sleeps 5 people and you will also have access to a kitchenette and private bathroom. A perfect place to embrace beautiful nature of Ærø.

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