Strolls & relaxation in the Pearl of the Belgian Ardennes: Spa

Spa is a relatively small town in the Belgian Ardennes, mostly known for its mineral-rich thermal waters. It is truly a lovely place where tourists come to benefit from the beautiful nature, the comfort and the calmness of the hotels, or just for a stroll among the sites that the town offers. Spa is a terrific resort for relaxation and recharging or just for the perfect stroll.

©Desi Krsteva

Known as the “Pearl of the Belgian Ardennes,” Spa became a popular thermal resort back in the 18th century and remains a prestigious holiday destination until today.

Not surprisingly, the term “spa” indeed originates from the town of Spa, whose name dates back to Roman times, when the area was called Aqua Spadanae. When I hear “spa,” I imagine a whole week of pampering, massages, and swimming pools. Luckily, every single hotel in Spa is ready to spoil you beyond expectations – health and wellness treatments, delicious food are awaiting and overall provide an outstanding and luxurious experience. A stay in Spa may very well make you feel like a god or a goddess, as the case may be.


The prices of the local hotels vary between affordable and “maybe in my next life,” but in any case, the experience would definitely be worth it, even if for only one night. Take, for example, the hotel “Manoir de Lébioles.” The hotel is, in fact, a magnificent castle in the woods featuring a majestic interior and gardens – as you may imagine, the entire experience is nothing short of fabulous – a real-life fairytale.


The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Spa

The town of Spa is not only beautiful but also full of history and culture. Various film, theater, and music festivals are often hosted here. There is also a plethora of galleries, museums, and monuments in the very corner of the town.

©Alexander Ivanchev

Make sure you do not miss the chance to take a photo in front of Pouhon Pierre le Grand, the Église Notre-Dame-et-Saint-Remacle de Spa church, or grab a drink at the Havana Café, which stands out with artistry and stunning parties.

©iStock/Stanislava Karagyozova

Les Thermes de Spa

Situated atop a hill and surrounded by greenery, the Thermes of Spa are the source of the town’s magical waters. If you visit as a customer, you could benefit from various balneotherapy treatments, a variety of massages, and beauty treatments.


Casino Spa


Interestingly enough, not only the concept of “spa” originates from the town of Spa, but the oldest casino in the world was built here in 1763. The casino still welcomes visitors in its glamorous historical building. You could try your luck there every day from 11 am until sunrise.

©Desi Krsteva

The Museum of the City of Water

©Desi Krsteva

The Musée de la Ville d'eaux, or the Royal Villa, is a quaint place where you could easily enjoy your time. The museum has a lot to offer concerning the history of the town, through an extensive collection of photos showing the development of Spa over the years. Also, the exhibition of bizarre bath facilities is not to be missed.

©Desi Krsteva

Domaine de Bérinzenne

©Domaine de Bérinzenne/unknown

This heavenly estate, situated in the forest outside of Spa, will charm you with unforgettable views – from the panoramic tower, tree-shaded alleys, and huge green park space, it is perfect for a long walk.

©Domaine de Bérinzenne/unknown

When I said that Spa, the Pearl of the Belgian Ardennes, is great for relaxation, recharging, or just for having the perfect stroll, I was not kidding. Treat yourself with a visit to this paradise in the heart of the Belgian Ardennes. You deserve it!

©Alexander Ivanchev

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