A journey to taste the best Belgian Fries in Brussels

Victor Lepoutre | Live the World

November 23, 2022

When you think about Belgian food, three things often come to mind: beer, chocolate and fries. If they’re called French fries, these golden potato sticks should actually be named Belgian fries given the number of shops and stands dedicated to them in Brussels. It took me a few years and many days and nights out to find the best places to eat fries in the Belgian capital, and I finally made my selection. Come with me on a journey to taste the best original Belgian fries and learn more about where they come from.

Friterie Tabora, a small fries temple open all night long

Wandering around in the Bourse area, you will have many options to eat fries. It is only in one of the smallest fries shop, just located in the back of the imposing building, that you will find fries of the best quality. Indeed, Friterie Tabora, named after the street on which it’s located, is in my opinion the best result you can find in Brussels. The staff is nice and fries have a crunchy outside with a soft inside all it needs to be finger licking good.

Maison Antoine: One of the oldest friterie in Brussels

On Place Jourdan, just a few streets away from the EU institutions, you will find one of the most famous fries shop of Brussels. With more than 65 years of experience, there is no doubt that the team has learnt how to double fry theses original potato sticks. If you're thirsty, do not hesitate to eat your fries on the many terraces of the square, and taste some of the best Belgian beers available.

Frit’Flagey: a perfect end to a walk around the pond.

On sunny days, the Place Flagey, in Ixelles, is an unmissable destination. The two ponds on its side, known as ‘Etangs d’Ixelles’ make a lovely landscape for a stroll and you can reward yourself with a pack of fries once you’re done. Frit'Flagey, has fairly wide selection of sauces you can put on the top of your fries, many of them can only be found in Belgium.

Home Frit’Home: A great place to stay and know it all on the Belgian fries culture

Looking for an original place to stay in Brussels? Don't look any further! If Home Frit’Home doesn’t sell fries, it will welcome you in the most original Belgian atmosphere giving Belgian fries a particular importance. This bed and breakfast, located in the municipality of Forest, just a few streets away from the previously mentioned Parc Duden, is a gold mine of cultural items related to Belgian fries. It has three themed bedrooms decorated after Belgium’s three regions: Flanders, Brussels, and Wallonia and hosts a museum with a large collection of Belgian fries related items.

Friterie de la Barrière: tasty fries near the most picturesque Brussels district.

This final fries shop is a convenient destination if your coming from Home Frit'Home and are going to the multicultural and artistic neighbourhood of Parvis de Saint-Gilles. Before getting there, make a stop at the “friterie de la Barrière” and taste another good address for perfect Belgian fries. The place doesn’t have anywhere to seat but you can walk to the nearby Parc Duden, and enjoy one of the best fries of Brussels sitting on a bench, if the well-known Belgian sun is out of course!

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