Strolling through Buenos Aires: must-sees for first-comers

Francisca Pizarro | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina, is a cosmopolitan city filled with life and activities. Famous for its colorful streets and cultural vibe, the city is a must-see for first-comers to South America. Culture is the word that defines the city, and locals are very nice and eager to welcome tourists. So, let’s take a virtual stroll through Buenos Aires.

Casa Rosada

This stroll can start with the Casa Rosada, whose name is translated from Spanish as "Pink House", and it looks as if it was taken from Wes Anderson’s movie. The Casa Rosada is the governmental palace of Argentina, located in front of the Plaza de Mayo (Square of May). The Casa Rosada is one of the most iconic buildings in Argentina, an absolute must-see of the city and country. When you get there, you will understand better its name. The building is imposing and painted in a very eye-catching pink hue. The place is not only famous and aesthetically pleasant, but it is also the office of the Argentinian president, so it has historical and political importance. When you visit it, remember that the building has a museum where belongings of former presidents are held and displayed for visitors to see. Fun fact: the place holds the famous "Perón and Evita balcony".

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Plaza de Mayo

Plaza de Mayo is the foundational point of the city, named in honor of the revolution that took place on May 25th, 1810, which was a seed that blossomed into Argentina´s independence. This square is the most ancient of Buenos Aires and has been the scene for Argentina's most important political events. At this square, among other sites, one can find the Metropolitan Cathedral.

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Metropolitan Cathedral

The Metropolitan Cathedral is the principal Catholic temple of Argentina and the place* where Pope Francis officiated mass for years. This cathedral underwent a long construction process, *with many different versions built, and it also contains Pope Francis Museum, which you can visit. The construction is so outstanding that it urges you to visit it, even if you are not a catholic.

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Buenos Aires Obelisk

I am pretty sure you all know about the Obelisk of Buenos Aires, a big monument that shapes de skyline of the city. Visiting it is mandatory when you come to the city. But, do you know why it was built? This historical monument was constructed to honor the fourth centenary of the "**first foundation" of Buenos Aires by Pedro Mendoza. The obelisk is located in Plaza de la República **(Republic Square). Its height is 67,5 meters, and it has 206 stairs!

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La Boca

La Boca is the m[ost colorful neighborhood in Argentina, ]( to football, street art, culture, and tango! It offers a full Argentinian experience in one beautiful place. You can visit many interesting places such as the Quinquela Museum of Fine Arts and the famous stadium "La Bombonera", home to Boca Juniors, a well-known Argentinian football team. You can even take tango lessons in a milonga! This is definitely a must-visit area of Buenos Aires.

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If you have never visited the Argentinian capital, then this virtual first-comers stroll through Buenos Aires is for you. Besides discovering the must-sees of this wonderful city, the options in Buenos Aires are endless. The city has magic in every corner and the energy of a good tango in every street. Visit Argentina and spend a few days in Buenos Aires, it is an experience you will never forget.

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