Stintino & its Caribbean sceneries

Mara Noveni | Live the World

May 29, 2024

Imagine waking up on a beach of very fine white sand, with a crystal clear sea and colours on the horizon ranging from intense blue to turquoise, a clear sky and the sea breeze caressing your face... Surely you will imagine you are in the Caribbean ... But then you smell the characteristic scents of the Mediterranean bush: helichrysum, myrtle, juniper, rosemary ... And you remember that you are in the wonderful Sardinia... So, come with me on a journey full of colours, scents and flavours, to discover Stintino and its Caribbean sceneries!

Stintino is a small coastal town located on the northwestern tip of Sardinia, Italy. It is known for its stunning beaches and crystal-clear waters, making it a popular tourist destination.

The most famous beach in Stintino is La Pelosa, with its white sand and turquoise waters. It is a popular spot for swimming, sunbathing, and water sports such as snorkelling and diving. Another beach worth visiting is Le Saline, which is quieter and less crowded than La Pelosa, but equally beautiful.

Aside from beaches, Stintino also has several interesting places to visit, such as the old town centre, the marina, and the Tower La Pelosa, a historic tower built in the 16th century to protect the town from pirate attacks. Stintino is also well-known for its cuisine, which includes fresh seafood and traditional Sardinian dishes.

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Overall, Stintino is a beautiful and charming town that offers a perfect mix of relaxation, natural beauty, and cultural heritage.

La Pelosa Beach

Considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe, La Pelosa Beach is a real tropical paradise in the heart of the Mediterranean. Its colours will transport you to the Caribbean and the Maldives so much that you think: "but why do I have to go to the tropics"?

La Pelosa is the tropical beach in Sardinia, one of the most beautiful in the world, a natural paradise where the sand, very thin and white, plunges into the turquoise sea that merges with the sky in an invisible line. Located between the stacks of Capo Falcone, the Isola Piana and the Asinara island, La Pelosa is a tropical paradise where natural wonders blend perfectly with history. The seawater, thanks to the presence of the Faraglioni and the two islands, is always calm even when the mistral blows strongly.

Surrounded by Mediterranean scrub, La Pelosa Beach is represented by the massive presence of junipers, a typical Sardinian plant, the only element that reminds you that you are in Sardinia and not on a remote Caribbean island. In front of La Pelosa is the islet on which the Saracen tower stands out, dating back to the mid-16th century, the symbol of the beach which can be easily reached on foot.

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And right in front, there is the Isola Piana, which was once used exclusively for grazing and which, thanks to its flat morphology, does not obstruct the view of the imposing spectacle of the Asinara rocks. On the island of Asinara, you can visit the National Park of the same name, fascinating and mysterious, reaching it starting from the tourist port of Stintino or the Ancora pier aboard rubber dinghies or boats.

A few kilometres from La Pelosa Beach we find the small, charming village of Stintino, which can also be reached on foot by walking on the beach. Along the beach that leads to Stintino, you will find restaurants, small clubs and bars where the specialities of Sardinian cuisine based on very fresh fish are served at any time of day until the evening: bottarga, lobster and the ever-present tuna which immediately brings you back to the visit at the Museo delle Tonnare, where tuna processing, one of the oldest "trades" of this land, is replicated and explained in detail. A visit to the Saline and its wonderful, very long beach with breathtaking colours is not to be missed.

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And if you're one of those who just can't sit still lying in the sun, good news: there are many activities that can be done here including, for example, a kayak or sup ride.

Stintino and the environment

Despite its popularity, La Pelosa is well-maintained and preserved, with strict regulations in place to protect the environment and ensure that visitors can enjoy the beach without damaging the delicate ecosystem.

The Municipality of Stintino has adopted some measures, aimed at safeguarding the environment and the beauty of La Pelosa Beach, forbidding smoking and towels on the beach unless accompanied by a mat. In this way, the uncontrolled removal of sand is avoided, which risks ruining the splendid beach. They might seem a bit excessive countermeasures, but La Pelosa Beach is one of the busiest beaches in all of Sardinia, and recent years' numbers speak of a massive presence of around 5,000 people a day in the middle of summer.

The beach is accessible by car or bus from the Stintino town centre, and there is a small parking lot nearby. Visitors can also rent beach umbrellas and sun loungers, as well as enjoy various water sports such as snorkelling, kayaking, and paddleboarding.

Overall, La Pelosa Beach is a must-visit destination for anyone travelling to Sardinia, offering a perfect combination of natural beauty, crystal-clear waters, and a relaxing atmosphere.

What to see in the surroundings

Along the northern coast is the ancient village of Castelsardo, with its castle on the rock overlooking the sea, which I have already told you about. A few steps from La Pelosa Beach is the small port of Stintino, from which you can set sail to reach Asinara island. Here too an enchanted kingdom: the population of donkeys and wild boars, scented plants, enchanted coves (above all Cala Reale) and the ancient nineteenth-century prison. The tranquillity of the place is ideal for enjoying the sea and the mild climate of Sardinia.

The village of Stintino was actually born to house the 45 families forced to leave Asinara, which was about to become the site of a hospital and a penal colony. It is surrounded by stunning natural beauty, and there are several places nearby that you can visit. Here are a few suggestions:

Asinara National Park

Located just off the coast of Stintino, Asinara National Park is a protected area that covers the entire island of Asinara. It is home to a variety of wildlife, including the famous white donkeys, and offers some of the most beautiful beaches in the area.

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Capo Falcone

Capo Falcone is a beautiful promontory that offers stunning views of the surrounding coastline. It is a great spot for hiking, and there are several trails that you can follow to explore the area.

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Torre delle Saline

Torre delle Saline is a 16th-century watchtower located near Stintino. It was built to protect the coastline from pirates and is now a popular tourist attraction.

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Other immersive experiences not to miss

If, in addition to relaxation, you are looking for more exciting experiences to enjoy in Stintino and its surroundings, I can offer you some immersive experiences, such as an Asinara & La Pelosa Sunset Cruise by Sailboat, which includes a mini cruise on a sailing boat, a stop to swim in the fabulous sea that surrounds Asinara, a stop at the Piscine Naturali and a delicious Sardinian aperitif while enjoying the exciting moment of sunset.

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Another experience not to be missed is a Minivan Day Tour to Asinara National Park, which includes the transfer by dinghy to the island, the complete tour of the island and the Asinara Park in a minivan with a guide, a stop for birdwatching, and a last stop of about an hour and a half in Cala Sabina, where you can relax, swim and snorkel.

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Another satisfying experience both for the eyes and the taste, which I can recommend is the Asinara Island Wooden Sailboat Trip w/Lunch, which includes a mini cruise from Stintino to Asinara on a wooden sailboat, with a stop at Cala Reale and a visit at the Asinara National Park, and typical Sardinian lunch including an abundant and tasty platter of typical cold cuts and cheeses, with Sardinian bread, a first course of "Sardinian gnocchi" with Sardinian sausage sauce, seasonal vegetables, and then wine, water, coffee, digestif, and finally delicious typical Sardinian desserts. A very delicious experience!

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Well, I have told you a little about these splendid places in the wonderful land of Sardinia, even if you will never have the exact idea of what we are talking about until you live this experience firsthand, so let's go to discover Stintino & its Caribbean sceneries. Enjoy!

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