Lobster, the gastronomic queen of Alghero

Mara Noveni | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Alghero, the Catalan enclave of Sardinia, stands out for its originality in their cuisine. The Sardinian gastronomic tradition is combined with the Spanish culture. As a result, we find generous dishes for taste and abundance, made up of sea urchins, crustaceans, or even "less valuable" fish.

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Alghero’s lobsters have been known since ancient times and were already present on the tables of Ancient Rome. According to an old recipe, these were seasoned with garum, a sauce based on fermented fish, salt and wine.

After a period of absence on the tables, lobsters returned in "fashion" towards the end of the nineteenth century. It was so sought after, that the sailing ships of the area had to sail all the seas to supply the most refined tables in Europe. The Queen of England, Elizabeth II, wanted Alghero’s lobster on the menu of her wedding reception. Even today we find it on the menus of the most refined European restaurants, like Chez Maxim, in Paris.

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The best lobsters are caught in the Mediterranean sea, where the water is saltier than the oceans, and where the presence of Posidonia makes each type of fish and shellfish tastier. But, according to experts, the most delicious lobsters live right here, in the Gulf of Alghero, between Stintino and Bosa. The fishing takes place from April to August, outside the limits imposed by the biological stop, using handmade nets or pots and baskets of a woven reed.

Not surprisingly, the original Catalan lobster recipe was born in Al[ghero](https://www.livetheworld.com/post/one-week-in-alghero-and-the-sardinian-north-west-18g6), in 1949, invented by Lepanto Cecchini. Even today, it can be enjoyed at the “La Lepanto” restaurant, along with the “lobster alla Lepanto” and "spaghetti with sea urchins."

Being so delicious, the Alghero lobster has prohibitive prices- around 80 euros per kg when bought in the fish market. The price at the restaurant, of course, is much topped up, so eating Alghero lobster is a luxury that not everyone can afford. To make this precious crustacean accessible to all, every year, for the entire month of May, the event "The lobster of the Alghero cuisine" takes place. During this event, you can eat a full lobster based menu for around 50 euros. Great opportunity for all fans.

Lobster Algherese

The lobster is boiled and served with a separate sauce, consisting of extra virgin olive oil, lemon, vinegar, salt and a pinch of pepper.

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Lobster Lepanto

The lobster is boiled and served already dressed with extra virgin olive oil, salt, a pinch of pepper, lemon, balsamic vinegar, tomato, onion, orange.

© La Lepanto

Lobster Catalana

The lobster is boiled and served already dressed with extra virgin olive oil, salt, a pinch of pepper, vinegar, lemon, tomato, celery and onion.

© La Lepanto

The perfect wine for lobster

As for the wines to pair in a lobster meal, a classic combination is Lobster and Champagne. But there is no shortage of alternatives among excellent Italian sparkling wines, such as Fr[anciacorta](https://www.livetheworld.com/post/wine-cellars-tour-in-franciacorta-b237). Certainly, Sardinia offers a great variety of excellent wines to pair with fish and shellfish. So let's stay locally. A magnificent Torbato di Alghero is perfect, above all with grilled lobster. Otherwise, we suggest a Vermentino.

And, to finish in sweetness, the advice is to taste the delicious Crema Catalana, which is prepared here according to the authentic Catalan recipe.

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