Start exploring Armenia from its History Museum

Lusine Vardanyan | Live the World

November 23, 2022

You are in Armenia, and you are looking for the right place to start exploring the country. The History Museum could be an excellent idea. Being located in the heart of the capital city, Yerevan, it is the most visited museum in the town, where you can get a comprehensive knowledge of the country, its culture, and traditions. Of course, before visiting a country, many people search for the information on the internet to know more about it. However, visiting the History Museum of Armenia will help you to get a clear idea about where you are and what you have to see while in this part of the world.

This history museum is very old. It was founded by the Parliament Law No. 439, on September 9, 1919. It has the departments for Archaeology, Numismatics, Ethnography as well as Modern History and Restoration. You can explore the museum on your own (as the description of all the items represented in the museum is available) or ask for a guided tour. There is a symbolic entrance fee for students - 1 euro, 2 euros for the pensioners and the standard tickets cost 4 euros. It is closed only on Mondays but accessible on the other days of the week from 11 am to 6 pm (Sunday 5 pm).

In the History Museum, one can find the temporary and permanent exhibitions. Among permanent ones is the Armenian carpet art from the 14th-20th century, as one of the best ways to represent Armenian culture, as well as the Armenian national costumes from the 18th-19th century (known as Taraz), that had an aesthetic value since the ancient times. Even in our days, girls and boys use the ornaments and elements of traditional costumes in their modern clothing. Another not less interesting exhibition is the Dvin- Armenia in the 7th -13th century, which was one of the first settlements of the Armenian Highland in the 3rd millennium BC. The Christian Armenia from the 4th-9th century is another one that shows the adoption of the Christianity, and it’s development in the country (there are also the samples of Khachkars - the traditional stones with crosses). Armenia from the 4th BC to the 3rd AD is an exhibitions that gives you a general image of the history of the county, while the other exhibit on Urartu, the Kingdom of Van (9th-6th BC) would help you to learn about the most powerful state in the Ancient Near East.

Besides all that, you can also enjoy the exhibits that represent the findings from the Armenian Highland that belongs to the early Iron age, Middle and Late Bronze Ages, Early Bronze Age and Stone Age.

The list of things to see in the History museum is very long. Here, you go deep into the history and feel the spirit of Ancient Armenia. The history museum is the right place to start exploring Armenia. Being an ancient country that has survived through centuries, by overcoming the wars and attacks during which 90% of its ancient territory was lost, it has a lot to tell you.

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