Spectacular views of the Baltic Sea from Olando Kepurė

Monika Grinevičiūtė | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Definitely, the Baltic Sea is a charming, wavy and often cold sea. But, in the summer, the Lithuanian part of the Baltic Sea is becoming loud and very attractive spot not only for the locals but the tourists as well. However, in winter, you can see most of the attractive and touristic places from a slightly different perspective. The cost of the Baltic Sea in Lithuania has plenty of things to offer, from golden sandy dunes to small fisherman’s towns, an incredibly unique Curonian Spit with Neringa and Nida towns. One of the hidden gems of the coast and its spectacular views is so-called Olando Kepurė - the Dutchman’s Cap.

Picture © Credits to iStock/audriusmerfeldas

What is Olando Kepurė?

So, the first question can be - what is Olando Kepurė? It is a hill with almost 25 meters high bluff, located in Lithuania’s Seaside Regional Park near the Karklė town, on the Baltic Sea Coast. There are two wonderful things about this nature's masterpiece:

1.  It is between 12000-15000 years old;

2.  Standing there, you can see the Baltic sea and experience the wonderful sunsets.

Olando Kepurė was created during the last Baltic glaciation, and it is well preserved and very loved spot nowadays. One more reason to go there is this spot’s location - the hill is suited very near the Lithuanian port city Klaipėda (actually in Lithuania everything is very near). Still, this gem is wild and not affected by human hands. However, the sea waves are affecting the bluff the most. Every year, the sea takes more and more of this hill. This wildness and freedom feeling come to me every time I visit this place. During the summertime, where you can find a swing, and it is this place's cherry on the top.

Why Olando Kepurė?

Probably you can wonder, why is this place called Olando Kepurė, the Dutchman’s Cap? There is a story that the name of this hill and bluff came from the old times when the sailors got their first maps. According to the stories, on the map, the hill exactly looked like a Dutchman’s Cap. To be honest, I would really love to know how does the Dutchman’s cap looks like in the real world. But the stories are stories, and we still call this place like that.

Picture © Credits to iStock/Krivinis

Karklė Live Music Beach festival

If you are planning to visit Olando Kepurė in summer, as it is very near Karklė, do not miss the opportunity to participate in the Karklė Live Music Beach festival - one of the biggest international music festivals in Lithuania, that is happening in every August. Every year, it attracts thousands of people from Lithuania and abroad. Participating musicians are world famous singers and DJs.

If you like romantic sunsets, the spectacular views of the Baltic Sea and fresh sea breeze, this place is just for you. Olando Kepurė or Dutchman's Cap is the only nature's monument of that kind in Lithuania. So, this gem is definitely worth exploring.

Picture © Credits to iStock/Krivinis

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