A legendary port city of Lithuania: Klaipėda

Monika Grinevičiūtė | Live the World

November 23, 2022

In 1595, the guardian of Klaipėda Castle, Hans von Heide, saw a ghost. 2,4-meter high ghost went through the water and told the guardian to start saving the firewood and grains. Since that time, the Klaipėda city has its own bronze ghost waiting for the visitors at the port. Klaipėda is a port city of Lithuania, also a resort city and very loved one, with a lot of legends and ghosts’ stories. Sounds interesting, right? So, keep reading about this legendary port city of Lithuania: Klaipėda.

Long, long time ago when the city was called Memel

When the whole Lithuania was wild and full of Baltic tribes, Klaipėda was called Memel. Later on, when the Germans came to our lands, they also called this city the same as Baltics. Therefore, nobody knows when the city started to be named Klaipėda, which means “low place.” The story of the town begins with Klaipėda Castle, built up in the 13th century. The Castle was built from the wood, so because of it, unfortunately, the castle is not standing in Klaipėda city anymore. Times were passing, and the Klaipėda city has good and bad days, but always was very loved by Germans, as it was their territory for some time during the history. Fortunately, we got it back, but still, this city has some German charm left.

Something about Richard Wagner and Heinrich Schliemann

Definitely, old cities have some charm and secrets, Klaipėda as well. There are a lot of stories about famous people from all over the world, who spent some time in Klaipėda. Like Richard Wagner, who was playing in Klaipėda for one season, or famous Heinrich Schliemann, who visited Klaipėda during the big fire of the city in 1854, and just his own load stayed after the conflagration. Heinrich sold the pack and found the ancient city of Troy. Of course, there are way more stories about the people who left some part of their life in this beautiful city.

Cat with a gentleman and a sailboat in the middle of the city

Nowadays, the city has a lot of things to offer to the visitors. Starting from the lovely statues of a kissing woman, a cat with the gentleman face or a black ghost statue (actually Klaipėda has plenty of figures) to the fachwerk architecture and real sailboat Meridianas, which is standing in the Danė river, in the city center. Also, Klaipėda has its own mermaid, and she is protecting the city from the dangers from the sea. The Old Town of Klaidėda is also worth visiting and exploring all the tiniest streets which are very lovely. Moreover, one of the most interesting places is a twisting pedestrian bridge so-called “Chain Bridge” which is a technical monument built in the middle of the 19th century. It is the only one of that kind in the whole of Lithuania that works till nowadays.

A small hint where to eat

I genuinely believe that the good food is like a cherry on the top during the tour. So, for this cherry, try to visit the most famous bar in the city - “Klaipėdos senamiestis” (means “The Old Town of the Klaipėda”) and try their “cheese sticks.” When you see the menu, you will know what I am talking about. I would not say that the food is the best there, but this bar has something (maybe those tasty cheese sticks) what is attracting people so much.

So, for today, that’s it about the legendary port city of Lithuania - Klaipėda, which its legends, sailboats and cheese sticks.

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