Spa and relaxation - Keremet sauna in Nur-Sultan

Nazerke Makhanova | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Saunas are great creations! Spending time in a sauna helps your body feel relaxed and takes away the feeling of tense and tiredness. They say, "Heat breaks no bones": maybe you heard that people who live in a sunny and hot climate are healthier than those who live in a cold geographical region. Nevertheless, these meanings refer to an understanding that the cure with hot steam can make your body feel better and stronger. All over the world, the therapy with hot water steam revitalizing your immune system is getting more and more popular day by day. In the countries where this kind of therapy is uncommon, the treatment might be quite pricey, but that is not the case in Kazakhstan. This nomad country is blended with a cultural contrast adopted from both the East and the North. As a result, it can offer you the best of it in terms of health treatments. There is a place in the capital city of Kazakhstan, which can provide you with three unique hours of relaxation after a long day of tiredness: welcome to the Keremet sauna in Nur-Sultan. 


It is located at a close distance to the central park of Nur-Sultan city, the circus, the Duman Oceanarium, and the most popular pedestrian bridges of the town. From the outside, the building looks like the palace of the Sultan. The place is easily accessible by car and by bus because of its central location, in the middle of the city. Before or after the SPA day at the Keremet sauna, spare some time to do some shopping at the shopping malls located nearby the Keruen city and Khan Shatyr. 

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There are different types of sauna offered at the place: Finnish, Russian, and Turkish. Once you get inside the building, you will see some stalls providing you with everything you need in the sauna. I recommend you to purchase a besom (it is a switch of green birch twigs). Usually, it is used in the Russian sauna (which is called Banya). With it, you beat yourself softly to open the pores and absorb better the heat inside your body. The building itself is divided into two parts, where sauna for men and women are located separately from each other. After you pay, you will be given some blankets to cover yourself before entering. Apart from the various saunas, there is a room with hot tiles, where you can lie and meditate. There is a swimming pool on the upper floor inside the sauna and the bathing zone.

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Additional services 

The place has its own salon where you can have services like manicure, pedicure, waxing, and massage. Apart from these, there is a gym inside the building for those who would like to have little warm-up exercises. For an additional price of 5000 tenges, you will have a full-body peeling in the bathing zone. There is a 'relax room' where you can have some rest and even get a nap. The sauna's territory is equipped with a cafe. If you have your own snacks and drinks, you are welcome to bring them with you and enjoy them in the cafe. However, the spot can offer you different types of snacks and drinks at a fair price. Once you are out of the sauna and feeling fresh, I highly recommend to treat yourself with a fresh juice from the vitamin bar. All you need to bring with yourself is a bag which includes basic things: bathing stuff like shampoo, soap, gel, a pair of slippers and a towel.  

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Schedule and prices

The time spending in the common area of the Sauna for 3 hours will cost you about 2500 tenges. But if you would like to have sauna services for your own group of 6 or 8 people in a more private area, then the price will be tripled, and the time will be reduced. On weekdays the sauna works from 10 am to 10 pm, and at the weekends it works till 11 pm. The stuff of the Sauna is very friendly and helpful, so whenever you have questions, feel free to ask. 

Try not to miss out on one of the most valuable parts of the local people's lives: spend time at a perfect relaxing sauna. Visit the biggest and the most popular sauna of Nur-Sultan city, Keremet, which in the Kazakh language, literally means 'amazing'! 

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