The Oceanarium of Nur Sultan: the ocean in the steppe

Heewon Jang | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Have you ever wondered if there can be an ocean in the middle of the steppe? Well, welcome to the Oceanarium of Nur Sultan (ex. Astana) where you will experience the ocean in the steppe. The Ailand Oceanarium is a unique little piece of the ocean in the steppe. It opened in 2003 and immediately became the first and only oceanarium in the world that’s so distant from the ocean. The distance from the nearest ocean is more than 3000 km. Therefore, this oceanarium is listed in the Guinness Book of Records. The Ailand Oceanarium is located in the same building as the Ailand waterpark. 

What’s inside?

The oceanarium has three areas with 20 oceanariums of various sizes. The main attraction is the large aquarium, that is equipped with a moving walkway on the bottom. It’s some kind of a 70-meter transparent tunnel made of thick acrylic glass. You will get the ocean of emotions seeing it.

In total, the oceanarium contains three million liters of water and about 120 tons of sea salt. It creates natural conditions for its inhabitants. There are more than 100 species of marine fauna and almost 3 000 of different creatures that come from all over the world. Freshwater inhabitants come from the southeastern regions of Asia and South America. Inhabitants of coral reefs, exotic inhabitants like piranhas, crabs, pacus, sea horses, sea anemones, starfish, and cowfish come from South America

Picture © Credits to Wikimedia/Мазур Владимир

The most fascinating part

The area with dangerous sea creatures tank steals the show. You will see a stone fish, poisonous lionfish, and porcupine fish. In the main tank,  you can see ocean giants: sharks along with giant sea bass, a huge wrasse whose weight and size can compete with sharks.

Every year, thousands of tourists visit the Oceanarium of Nur Sultan (ex. Astana), a true ocean in the steppe. They come to the oceanarium to enjoy the most beautiful, fascinating, calm and peaceful water world. The life of the oceanarium is full of events that are not always visible for outside observers. However, twice a day, you can see how divers go into the water to demonstrate an interesting and dangerous trick in order to delight all the visitors - shark feeding.

Picture © Credits to iStock/kata716

The schedule and prices

The oceanarium is open every day (except on January 1st): from 10:00 to 20:00 (the ticket office is open only until 19:15). Day off: the third Monday of the month.

Prices: Tickets also can be purchased on the website. For adults - 3000 tenges (about 7 euro), for youngsters (14-23 years old) - 2700 tenges (about 6.30 euro) and for children (6-13 years old)) - 2500 tenges  (about 5.85 euro). 

The Oceanarium of Nur Sultan (ex. Astana), the ocean in the steppe, is a realized dream for thousands of people living in Kazakhstan and wanting to see with their own eyes the magnificent world of the underwater kingdom

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