Pedestrian bridges of Nur-Sultan: Seruen, Karaotkel and Atyrau

Nazerke Makhanova | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Nur-Sultan is divided into two parts: the right bank and the left bank, and they are separated by a river called 'Yesil' in Kazakh and 'Ishim' in Russian. The banks are connected with bridges. If you want to enjoy the atmosphere of the city and you like walking, I recommend using pedestrian bridges. Walking over these crossings from one shore to another, you will get to experience the best views of the city. The sightseeing is possible** at Seruen, Karaotkel, and Atyrau, three pedestrian bridges **spreading at a total distance of one kilometer between all of them!

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The staggering Seruen Bridge

You should start your tour of the pedestrian bridges with the staggering Seruen Bridge. It is located next to the Grand Alatau residential complex - four identical skyscrapers resembling waves, varying only in sizes.

Our people love to give unique attributes to popular places. The Seruen Bridge got two nicknames: astrological and staggering. At the beginning of the bridge, on one side,** there is a weather vane, surrounded by figures from the eastern calendar, which is why it is called astrological. As you walk along the bridge, you will notice that the railing is made with the decoration of symbols of the ancient nomads. Go to the fence, touch it, and you will feel the bridge stagger. But, don't worry, this is just a game of gravity and physics**,  as the bridge is entirely safe and many parades used to pass over it.

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Goodies at Seruen Bridge

At the beginning of the bridge, when you walk towards the park, you will find different types of fast food. Here, you can enjoy popcorn, cotton candy, coffee, and ice cream. If you want to sit down and dine with the river view, you will also find many cafes of traditional but also international style nearby. The Seruen Bridge leads to the city’s central and only amusement park. In addition to the attractions sticking out among the trees, there is a city beach, a river with swans, and cafes. The park leads you to the Duman Aquarium and other sights that are considered as the left bank of the city, as you already crossed the bridge.

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The arch bridge Karaotkel

This is one of the very first bridges of the city. On one side, there is a panoramic view of the right bank where the old city center is located. On the other side, you can enjoy the view of the left bank, where more and more new buildings and skyscrapers are being built.

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Where the Karaotkel Bridge leads

Near the bridge, there is a yellow business center which local people call “Banana”. If you look at it and go forward, you will have a choice to turn either to the right or left. On the left side, you will see a building resembling a UFO, which I will tell you more about in the upcoming articles. If you walk on the right side, this road will lead you to the Duman Aquarium and other entertainment places like the Mega Shopping Center. Going this way, you can also reach the street that we all call "Friendship of people" where restaurants of different cultures are gathered in one area. If you choose the path to the left, towards the UFO building, the same road will lead you to the main attractions of the city and the local symbol “Baiterek”.

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Atyrau Bridge

The Atyrau Bridge is the newest pedestrian bridge of the city. It's located between the Seruen and Karaotkel bridges and it also leads to the central park. Additionally, there is an amphitheater, where concerts and entertaining shows are held on certain holidays. The bridge was the gift of the Atyrau Region to the capital city on its 20th anniversary. 

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The Fish Bridge

When you enter the bridge, you will be greeted by a small fish statue Sturgeon. This fish is a symbol of the Atyrau Region. The bridge itself resembles a fish that swims bending its torso. When you go under the dome, on a sunny day, you can see shapes reflecting fish scales on the asphalt. On this bridge, there is a separate red bike path for those who decide to cycle across the city. This year, the Atyrau Bridge gained popularity locally as the most attractive selfie spot. So, get ready instagram fans!

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These bridges allow seeing the city from different angles, in addition to the fact that right here, life is in full swing and all colors. All three bridges will lead you to the most comfortable and picturesque places in the city. An embankment and a river connect them, but each of them is unique and inimitable in its architecture. In order to get the best views of Nur-Sultan, remember to walk and observe its pedestrian bridges: Seruen, Atyrau, and Karaotkel.

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