Sounds of Montenegro

Katarina Kalicanin | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Music is an inevitable part of everyone’s life, an essential feature of every culture, and it is one of the most beautiful ways to express feelings and emotions, sometimes with no words at all. The traditional sounds of Montenegro, from the melancholic to the cheerful tones, can tell a lot about the life in our country, our traditions and the former way of living. Traditional Montenegrin melodies are often simple, the main motif regularly repeats, and the lyrics are uncomplicated.

One of the best ways to get to know more about the music of Montenegro is to meet our famous Guitar DUO – two guitar players who virtuously connect the traditional sounds with the modern ones. Through their videos and music, they will take you from the north to the south of Montenegro, introducing you to a culture of our country or just revoking the memories, if you have already been here.

Guitar DUO

Formed by the professional guitar players Darko Nikčević and Srđan Bulatović, the Guitar Duo is known for its unique way of presenting Montenegrin, Mediterranean and Balkan sounds. Internationally popular, they often perform outside the Balkans, and one of their biggest achievements was playing at the Carnegie Hall in New York – and not just once, but two years in a row. They have a wide range of music genres that they play, but what people like the most are the irregular rhythm of the Balkan music, the gentle traditional sounds in combination with unexpectedly intense moments.

Darko and Srđan are both masters when we talk about their professions. They formed the Guitar Duo almost 30 years ago, and by now they were performing classical, flamenco, ethno and jazz music. Apart from that, they are both University professors, who had important roles in improving our educational system. Srđan Bulatović was the one who founded the Guitar Department at the Secondary music school in Podgorica, and he participated in the opening of the Guitar Department at the Music Academy in Cetinje. Darko Nikčević, on the other side, graduated from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, after which he started working in the field of the audio technology.

The Best of Montenegro

The Best of Montenegro is their latest album with fifteen songs typical for Montenegro, our culture and history. All of the songs, even though similar in the style and character, actually differ in the rhythm and tempo. The album starts with one of the most beautiful Montenegrin songs - ''Daybreak Yet to Come'' , and continues with other essential melodies.

If you visit Montenegro during summer, you can enjoy in the concerts of Guitar Duo at the Our Lady of the Rocks islet or on the Island of St Stefan, as they will be performing regularly at these two locations.

You can’t say you have met a country, if you didn’t hear about its tradition, try the national food or learnt about its culture. Music is one of the most beautiful ways to get to know a place you’re going to visit, especially when it is presented in such an interesting way. So what else to say – type ‘’Guitar DUO’’, turn the music on and enjoy in sounds of Montenegro!

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