Sveti Stefan - a unique islet-hotel

Katarina Kalicanin | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Sveti Stefan (St Stefan) is a small rocky island, located near to the city of Budva. Artificially connected to the coast, the island was originally built as a town-fortress. Local residents - Pastrovici tribe, have from here, defended themselves from the pirates and conquerors. Nowadays, the island has been turned into a luxury hotel. This type of a islet-hotel is unique not only on the Montenegrin coast but wider.

A very luxurious hotel is owned by Aman resort, one of the leading companies in this domain. The main characteristic of St Stefan is that the island has retained the old look while the interior of the hotel was made according to the most up-to-date standards. However, the islet is unapproachable for all but very rich people who can afford to stay here for a while.

Anyway, the surrounding of St Stefan is worth visiting as well. Stunning beaches, nice promenade, forest with many rare plant species are making the ambient unique and particular. Villa Milocer, also part of Aman resort is one more wonderful object in the area. It is surrounded by a pine forest, by a more than 800 olive trees and beautiful beaches. Villa Milocer is a former summer residence of the Queen Maria Karadjordjevic.

Whether you are staying in Budva, or just passsing by, I recommmend you to visit Sveti Stefan and take a walk around and enjoy the view to the unique islet-hotel complex. Even though the islet itself is closed to non-resort guest, beaches north and south of the island are open to public.

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