Soul food restaurants in Aalborg

Masa Mesic | Live the World

November 23, 2022

In this story, you will find two fantastic food places you must definitely check out when in Aalborg. As you might already know, Aalborg is Denmark’s fourth-largest city, and it is situated in northern Jutland. 

Aalborg** is known for its waterfront, stunning greenery- including Vestre Fjordpark-, fantastic street food, and, most importantly, the annual Aalborg carnival. Aalborg’s gastronomy** scene is rather elaborate, offering a variety of foods from all corners of the world. Although, what strikes me more, is the food concept that some of these local restaurants have come up with. 



Pingvin is the restaurant of world tapas. Pingvin has a unique concept of fine dining, offering a rich selection of dishes from various cuisines, served as (Spanish) tapas. You get to taste and try various kinds of foods, in one sitting without stuffing yourself to the brim. The idea is to order either four, six, or eight different tapas, which are all served on the same platter in smaller bowls or dishes. The menu includes a variety of vegetarian and vegan dishes, which are absolutely delicious. 

© Masa Mesic

It’s time for dessert! Guess what; the dessert menu is also designed as a tapas concept, so even if you are stuffed after your main course tapas, ordering three small dessert dishes will definitely satisfy your sweet cravings. When it comes to dessert, I would highly recommend getting the licorice pannacotta. I know you might be thinking, "what a strange concoction that is for a dessert," but believe me, it tastes fantastic. Even if you are not a huge licorice fan, you will really love this unique dessert.   

© Masa Mesic

On top of that, you can also choose your wine from an extensive wine list, which includes the house wine, as well as deluxe, or exclusive wines.   

© Masa Mesic

La Locanda

So, the next food choice recommendation is classic Italian cuisine. If you do not feel like experimenting with worldly cuisines and want to have delicious refined Italian food, then La Locanda is your place to be. 


La Locanda offers a cozy atmosphere, as well as a welcoming and friendly environment. The preparation of food at La Locanda is like art, created with so much inspiration and creativity, where wine is carefully selected to accompany each dish. 

What makes your experience at the restaurant even more special is its authentic setting, which allows you to travel to Italy for the evening mentally. The restaurant has a set Italian style menu, as well as the Chef’s special menu, which consists of a three, five, seven, or nine-course menu.  When it comes to the wine list, La Locanda offers a wide selection (and I really mean a wide selection) of high-quality Italian wines from various regions of the country. In case you are overwhelmed with the extensive list, ask for some guidance from the staff, they will be more than happy to help.


If you are looking for soul food while in Aalborg, treat yourself to the world of tapas at Pingvin, or indulge into authentic Italian cuisine, prepared with immense creativity at La Locanda

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