Vestre Fjordpark in Aalborg

Masa Mesic | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Vestre Fjordpark is probably one of the most fun and unique outdoor places I have ever been to. It is a one of a kind outdoor recreational area, where you can also swim and enjoy the sauna. It has a perfect space for kids to play and enjoy sports, as well as a challenging water obstacle course.

Vestre Fjordpark is part of the Aalborg commune and is located right next to the city’s waterfront. In case you didn’t know, Danes are very outdoorsy people. Families and friends love to spend time outside during the summer and the winter months. Hence this is an excellent area to spend some quality time for anyone that you are with. 

The Fjordpark is a massive space, measuring up to 165,000 square meters; it includes several facilities, such as showers and toilets, a meeting house (Fælleshuset) where sports-clubs can hold meetings, and a Café overlooking the waterfront. 

Different areas in the Fjordpark

The area called Stranden is a bathing area with a surface made from sand. Attached to it you will find a 50-meter long pool, as well as a diving pool. Right above it, there is the diving tower, which also has a climbing wall attached to the side of it. Now, how cool is that? I guess if you happen to fall, it will be directly into the water. Next to the Stranden area, there is a space called Tangen, from where kayaks can be paddled out into the open waters of the fjord. 

© Masa Mesic

If you are not into water activities and swimming, do not despair. The Danes have it all sorted out. The area called Kilen is a grass area, where the younger generation likes to do street work-out. You can also enjoy a beautiful run along some of the greenery and nature paths. If you come with a group of friends or a big family, there is enough space to play football, or try out beach-volleyball! This area is also perfect for kids and their sports activities. 

Right next to Kilen, you will find Fladen, which is a flat bonfire area. It is Denmark, and there has to be some "hygge" involved, of course... Numerous parts of the park are also equipped with great sitting premises, where you can relax, eat and drink with family and friends. 

© istock/VBaleha

Right in the middle of the park, you can climb the wooden decks and enjoy the view over the fjord, Aalborg and the park itself. This space is also fun as it includes numerous playing areas for kids- some more challenging than others- but also a few trampolines, which are built into the wooden ground. I guess those could be for adults too :)

© Masa Mesic
© Masa Mesic

As you look over the fjord on the right-hand side, you can find a small wooden hut, which is actually a sauna, that leads into the open water through a wooden bridge. The sauna is used all year round, although you might need to be a bit brave to jump into the cold water over the non-summer months.   

© Masa Mesic

In any case, have fun and make the most out the facilities at Vestre Fjordpark!  

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