Skradin – Bill Gates was there

Marko Radojević | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Today I want to take you to the place at the end of the Šibenik bay, a small and gorgeous little town called Skradin. A few years ago, Bill Gates was here to testify the beauty of this very often forgotten place. And, according to his words, this is a great place to spend your holiday! If you are coming from Zagreb to Split or Šibenik, you can go via A1 highway and take off to Skradin and within a few miles you are there.

At the first sight, you will think there isn’t much to see. If you find a map of the town, you will notice only few streets and you will give up on taking of the road. „What interesting there could I possible see?“, you might wonder. But, hello! Bill Gates was here! Something special is there, for sure.

Picture © Credits to: Dragoncello

The town, almost two thousand years old, had seen Illyrians, Romans, Slavs and Avars and all of them left their marks on this place. One of the witnesses of that time is an archaeological site near the town called Croatian Troja in the village Bribir. In the center of the city at the main town square is Church of Our Lady and the bell tower, interestingly, on the other side from church, across the square. Wherever you turn, you will see white rock overrule the entire area. You can be an admirer of the narrow and somewhere steep streets with a rocky old wall on one side and recent building with smooth flat walls on the other. Its like past and present meet face to face. Above the city are remains of the old fortress and magnificent view on the town below.

Picture © Credits to: Dragoncello

If you are nature enthusiastic, don’t miss to go swimming in Krka river, as you are standing on the very beginning of Krka National Park. The town has one beach located on the very point where Krka river flows into the sea. Take your time and go hiking to see wonderful waterfalls such as Skradinski buk and Roški.** **

Picture © Credits to: eyecon

Don't forget to visit Visovačko lake with its own small island within it. You will realize that island is a beautiful oasis placed in the even more beautiful one.

Picture © Credits to: UlyssePixel

And after a long walk find your quite place in one of the local restaurants. Don’t forget that you are still in Dalmatia, and you should know that Dalmatian cuisine is something special! This place is small, sweet and cozy. It’s a romantic and yet so wild town! Mr Bill Gates was here and he will come back as he said. And, once you get here, you will be back too.

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