Dalmatian cuisine – something you have never tried before

Marko Radojević | Live the World

November 23, 2022

It's very hot outside, you are tired of lying on the beach and you have to go somewhere for lunch. Of course, one of beautiful coast in Dalmatia is your destination of choice and you are ready to try its cuisine. You will remember every meal here, as every restaurant has precious domestic meals you have never tried before. If you prefer modern cuisine with plenty fish and salads, don’t worry, Dalmatia has something for you, too. Let's start with the peka.

Pasticada (Dalmatinska Pašticada) is one of the oldest and even today one of the most popular main dish in Dalmatia (little advice: on Hvar island you can try one of the best Pasticada in this region and restaurant Dalmatino would be great choice). And only the best beef goes into this dish. It is served with potato gnocchi in a delicious sauce. Yes, it has a lot of calories and yes, you have to try it! If someone recommends this dish from peka, don’t turn him down and enjoy all kind of meat cooked under an iron lid surrounded with embers.


For a cold appetizer, you can try Dalmatian prosciutto with domestic cheese and olives. No, this kind of prosciutto you can’t find anywhere else. After appetizer in almost whole Balkans, it comes stew. Kastradina will not disappoint you as it’s made of mutton or goat meat or (my favorite) dried and smoked lamb.

In majority of Dalmatian cities and villages one can buy food, wine and olive oil on the street, together with all other domestic products and souvenirs.


As I promised you at the beginning, Dalmatia has the whole pallet of fresh salads and fish prepared in many ways. Very popular is a salad with fresh octopus, also, you can find delicacies made of lobster, muscles, and shrimps, all of which will refresh you in the warm sunny days. Brudetto is one of the specialties made from several species of fish. Originally it is served with potatoes or rice.

Save the best for the end! Dalmatian old deserts are fruštule and kroštule, specially prepared dough like for doughnuts but just covered with vanilla sugar. As locals say the best fruštule are made on the town of Omiš. Paradižot is something speial for cream admirers, smokvenjak is made with dried figs and rakija, strong alcohol drink popular all over Balkans. So get ready to gain few extra calories and step into a gastronomic paradise!


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