Sensing Belgrade: Essence of the city

Zlata Golaboska | Live the World

November 23, 2022

One of my favorite Serbian authors, Balashevic, tried to give characters to the Balkan cities. For Belgrade, he said that probably he is a strong man dressed in a messy white shirt, charming and loud, sitting on a small chair, arguing with the musicians that’s playing for him. In this picture, I would add a small description of the smell that follows this scene. "Pino Silvestre" perfume, mixed with the smell of plum rakia. This is how this sir smells. Smells like a short poem written on a kafana table during late hours. Like the most intensive love story that ends with the first sunray. Like freshly baked white bread with raspberry marmalade...

Smell is closely related to the sense of taste so it’s very difficult not to mention food even in this inspiration. With so many restaurants and bakeries around, you can make a map of smells and pass from place to place. Even with closed eyes, only following the smell. This intensive city smells nothing like "white". Intensive and different in every turn you take. "Rostilj" (BBQ) is an aroma which is easy to capture on the streets of Belgrade. To get closer to the city atmosphere, you can get complete Sensing Belgrade experience: *Tasting Belgrade, Sense of Touch in Belgrade, Sensing Sounds in Belgrade, Vi[ew of Belgrade.](*

When I moved away from Belgrade, on one shelf of famous perfume brand I found a perfume with an essence of moringa. Occasionally I was stopping by to check the smell that was making me feel "like I am in Belgrade". So I found the Belgrade perfume. It exists.

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