San Carlos de Bariloche: the best of Argentinian Patagonia

Francisca Pizarro | Live the World

November 23, 2022

A thousand and six hundred kilometers away from Buenos Aires is San Carlos de Bariloche, a beautiful city in the Río Negro Province. Bariloche (or simply Bariloche) is located within the Nahuel Huapi National Park in Argentinian Patagonia. The best time to visit San Carlos de Bariloche is anytime! Bariloche happily welcomes tourists every season of the year and has a wide range of activities to enjoy. The place and options are enormous. Here is the best of Argentinian Patagonia. 


Even though the main attractions of Bariloche are outdoors activities related to the nature surrounding the city, it is still a must to visit some of the city’s attractions. One such attraction is the Cathedral of Bariloche - Nuestra Señora de Nahuel Huapi (Our Lady of Nahuel Huapi), a neo-gothic construction located next to the lake. It is a stunning view, and the cathedral is pure art. Also, you can not miss visiting Bariloche's city center to appreciate its peculiar architecture. And to make the most out of your visit, grab some chocolates, so that you can enjoy the view and the taste of the city. You can also visit the Chocolate Museum of Bariloche, the first one in Latin America. It has guided tours which are very entertaining. Everything you need to know about the chocolate-making process and its history you will learn in this place. The museum is fun to visit and a tasty experience, as you can try the chocolate being made there.

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Adventures in Bariloche

Bariloche is well-known for being the center of adventure tourism in the country. Every activity you can think of is possible in this place - diving, horse riding, kite surfing, among many others. The most popular activity is trekking, which can be done on many different trails, and my recommendation is to visit the Nahuel Huapi National Park. Another amazing trekking destination is Lago Escondido (or hidden lake)not only it offers a nice walking trail but also a refreshing activity during the summertime. Have a peek at the top guided hiking trips around Bariloche. If you visit it during the winter, there are a lot of snow sports you can practise, like ski and snowboarding!

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Swiss Colony

Swiss Colony is a town within the municipality of San Carlos de Bariloche. This is a shared story between Argentina and Chile. Big groups of immigrants came to both countries and settled themselves in the south. This started a mixture of cultures, and this cultural influence continues up to this day. In both countries, you can see and experience the architecture, customs and cuisine of some European countries. Swiss Colony originated with a big migration of Europeans and a mixture of cultures. The influence of Switzerland is still very tangible, especially in the colony's architecture. A fun fact is that you can try out a classical Chilean dish named 'curanto' in this place.

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Visit the Nahuel Huapi National Park

A haven of nature and culture, the main goal of Nahuel Huapi National Park is the preservation of flora and fauna of Argentinian Patagonia. The most popular touristic adventure is trekking through the park so that you can appreciate its wonders up close. There are many trails for every type of tourist, so no one misses the adventure. If you are not a sporty type, you can still visit and explore the national park by car, the place has special trails for this. The fun does not stop there, the options are endless. You can also ski (in winter, of course), go fishing, and even practice kayak, among other things! 

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As you have learnt, adventure options are endless when visiting San Carlos de Bariloche. On top of this comes** the gastronomical experience and nightlife in the city, which are incredible. The warmth of the locals will steal your heart, while landscapes and adventures you can experience will take place in your memories for life. Visit Bariloche and enjoy the best of Argentinian Patagonia!**

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