Samothraki's exotic beauty and its Vathres (Natural Pools)

Chrisa Lepida | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Samothraki is one of the most magnificent islands that I’ve ever been. Recently I have read that Samotraki ranks among the 10 first undiscovered and unspoiled natural paradises worldwide.

The imposing mountainous heart of the island paired with its pristine nature are just what explorers and adventure lovers could ever wish for: crossing gorges, trekking, mountaineering, mountain bike, paragliding, rafting, kayak, diving will be amongst your choices if you want to go active. But Mother Nature has been generous to Samothrace in geothermal richness too: sulfurous therapeutic thermal springs welcome you to the village of Therma and to the spa facilities, where Greeks and foreigners seek and find health and wellness.

But what about the Vathres? What is it? There are hundreds of streams and rivulets gushing from Mt. Saos, which make grooves that run along the sides of its compact, arcuate mountain. These water-courses flow down the mountain in a radial shape, feeding in their way streams and canyons with strange names (Fonias, Gria Vathra, Tsivdogiannis, Kremastos, Gyali...). Meanwhile, they form beautiful waterfalls in a stepwise array, which flow along an orgy of a green background as well as the famous “vathres” (i.e. successive natural pools formed in the rocks with crystal, deep-green waters).

Be hippy in Samothraki! Escape reality and become one with nature!

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