Salon 1905 Restaurant in Belgrade

Lejla Dizdarevic | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Some people travel to enrich themselves culturally, visit as many places as possible, see all of the significant monuments and museums and learn about the history and unique customs of a certain nation. Others do it to have a chill, relaxing time, simply to try out new food (and especially enjoy the affordable prices of Belgrade) and drink. Maybe you are one of the few who do it for both of these reasons, who loves to explore but also indulge and satisfy your hedonistic side. Well, what if I told you there is a place where you can combine the best of the two worlds, a place that is so culturally glorious, with a mind blowing interior yet with the most delicious cuisine? Get ready to travel to a previous century and allow me to introduce you to the Salon 1905 Restaurant of Belgrade.

Photo credit © iStock/Macic

This glorious and unique restaurant is located at the very center of Belgrade, which makes it quite easily accessible and a hard to miss spot. Salon 1905 Restaurant, today located in the historic Geozavod building, has a name that underlines the year it was build. The 20th Century trademark building is an easily spotted masterpiece including the best elements of Baroque and Art Nouveaux architecture, with a spectacular interior wrapped in glistening brass, marble and gold, that will make your jaw drop. Today, Salon 1905 Restaurant  is associated with fancy and fine dining in the heart of Belgrade. And trust me when I tell you that Salon 1905 Restaurant offers a unique and memorable dining experience.

Photo credit © iStock/Macic

When entering this glorious building, that looks even more magnificent on the inside, you will have a few seconds before you are greeted by the welcoming and friendly restaurant staff that will graciously guide you up the grand marble stairs that lead to the dining hall. Inside the hall, you will definitely be struck with awe and admiration by the interior, just like I was. Try to enjoy it as much as possible by observing the impressive high ceiling, and the glorious mix of marble, brass and gold in the interior. Contain yourself from taking any photos and really take in as much as you can in that moment. You will definitely feel as if you have travelled to centuries ago, to the elegant ballrooms of the greatest European capitals.

Photo credit © iStock/Goran Stojanovic

However, have no concerns that this place is posh and rather uncomfortable, but quite the opposite. The spacious yet intimate dining area will definitely make you feel like at home. Just relax and enjoy the moment and get ready for the most delicious meal.

The signature meals of Salon 1905 Restaurant are very simple but powerful, so you will definitely eat like a royal at a super affordable price. And really come there hungry, so that you may indulge in all meals, from appetizers to desserts. I warmly recommend you to try their ravioli, especially if you are a pasta fan, you will think you are in heaven. If you are a carnivore like I am, make sure to try their juicy and fresh beef steak. I think that was the moment I felt an ultimate happiness.

Finally, Salon 1905 Restaurant really proves that, as they claim:“Reinvention keeps the classics alive” From the jaw dropping, magnificent interior, to decadent yet simple menus, you will have a unique and memorable dining experience in Belgrade, with the opportunity to travel back in time.

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