The coolest spot in Belgrade - Belgrade Market

Lejla Dizdarevic | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Beogradski Market - Belgrade Market

There are millions of reasons to love Belgrade, especially during spring. Be it because of the beautiful, blossoming nature, shiny roads and cobble streets and the smell of freshly brewed coffee at one among many Belgrade cafes, this place is always taking my breath away. It also makes me nostalgic that I am not spending the most beautiful months in the Serbian capital, especially April in Belgrade. On top of all the beauty and irresistible charm, Belgrade is great because there is always some cool, new hipster spot that you still haven’t discovered. If you are fans of delicious food markets, then you have come to the right place. Allow me to take you on a hedonistic journey and present you the glorious Belgrade Market (Beogradski Market).

Today, I have an amazing opportunity to present you a place where entrepreneurship ideas, products and services are presented in the form of festivals, workshops, restaurants and shops, with the wonderful goal of promoting local creativity and enriching Belgrade's tourist offer. If you feel like really experiencing, tasting and living authentic Serbian products, then Belgrade Market is really the place to be. On top of that, one of the greatest things is that it is located in the city center, at Dorcol Stari Grad (Old Town) district, so the chances that you are going to miss this spot are close to zero.

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For a few months now, Belgrade Market is the first and unique food hall in Belgrade, Serbia, but also in the region. In this short time of existence, it has already raised the scale of an experiential and tasteful experience of everything that makes life more beautiful and richer - fine gastronomy, art and design, discovering new and unusual, and demolishing the borders to bring all sensory experiences together in the best possible way. In the permanent position of the Belgrade Market, there are several spots that present the best culinary offer of Belgrade, but do not be fooled, the Belgrade Market is not just a gastronomic experience.

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On around 1000m2 of multi-functional, modern space, you may expect to see the very first urban distillery in this part of Europe, as well as a traditional restaurants offering la crème de la crème of Serbian delicacies, along with unique kraft beers. What is even better, in case you feel like shopping after a decadent meal (I know I almost always do), you may find an amazing design shop and vintage florist style of store. On the other hand, if you are a person who prefers to spice things up, then there is an amazing array of different cocktails offered. No judgement at Belgrade Market! The interior design of the Belgrade Market is an eclectic style. Here you can really find a very successful blend of industrial design with Scandinavian and up-cycling details, as well as regional details, pop-culture references and contrasting moments of colours, materials and ambience.

Finally, Belgrade Market guarantees a rich calendar of events, good energy, interesting products and excellent tastes. All of those are, in my humble opinion, strong enough reasons to visit this spot and become a part of a live Belgrade story!

Photo credit @ iStock/MR

Cover photo credit @ iStock/MarkoDjorovic

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