Ride along the most popular bicycle path in Lithuania

Monika Grinevičiūtė | Live the World

November 23, 2022

If you are heading to the Lithuanian seaside and looking for some cycling experience, try to ride along the most popular bicycle path in Lithuania. This 15-kilometer-long path stretches along the Lithuanian shore connecting the two towns - Šventoji and Palanga.  What should you expect? A Baltic sea breeze, pinewoods around you and shortstops for swimming. If you are still wondering why this route has such a spotlight, read this story, and you will find yourself booking the trip to Palanga

Picture © Credits to iStock/Maria Sedova

Starting at Palanga

The route begins at the Palanga city, which is the most loved seaside town among all Lithuanians. Palanga was for decades the most attractive resort town in the whole country. That is not a surprise since Palanga has many sanatoriums, spas, golden dunes and clean beaches, a Botanic Garden, and of course, the most famous bridge in Lithuania - Palanga Bridge, a legendary place in our country. Sunsets from this bridge are stunning. So, grab your bike (or just rent it in Palanga for 10 euros) and start your tour with some stops near Palanga Bridge. Later, follow the sings of the bicycle path and explore the Palanga Amber Museum and the Botanic Garden. Also, do not forget to take a picture near the Eglė, the Queen of Serpents, statue in the Palanga Botanic Garden - it is a tradition of all Lithuanians (every generation has a photo near this statue). 

Picture © Credits to iStock/Alika Obrazovskaya

On the way to Šventoji

The path connecting Palanga and Šventoji is called Ošupio takas and has a perfect landscape that consists of the pinewood and sea. The distance between these two towns is around 15 kilometers, but always keep an open eye and do not miss the Edge of the World. Yeah, in Lithuania, we also have our Edge of the World, where, according to legend, our world simply ends. Well, of course, after this spot, our world still continues, but it is just a great place to observe the Baltic Sea views and waves. 

Picture © Credits to iStock/Borisb17

After fifteen easy kilometers, you will reach Šventoji, a small resort town. If you did not plan to have lunch at the beach, this town has plenty of restaurants ready to tickle your tastebuds. Jūros and Kopų streets are the main ones in Šventoji, so there you can find great food places that offer traditional Lithuanian and European cuisine. Also, some fish dish would be an excellent idea while staying near the sea. With stomachs full of Lithuanian fish, go down Kopų Street, and you will find a cable bridge over Šventoji River,  so-called 'Monkeys' bridge' (Beždžionių tiltas). It is the most famous spot in the Šventoji town together with the sculpture "Fisherman's daughters". The sculpture of three fisherman's daughters is an impressive, around 4 meters tall sculpture showing three girls looking at the sea and waiting for their father to come back from fishing. The composition stands in the dunes, near the gates of Šventoji port.

Picture © Credits to flickr/magro_kr
Picture © Credits to iStock/FuGazi

Or let's make it longer

If you are a challenger cyclist, it is possible to prolong the ride and start not from Palanga but Šventoji and then reach an old fisherman's village Karklė (where one of the biggest music festivals in Lithuania happens during August). Route Šventoji - Palanga - Karklė will be around 25 kilometers long, and if it is still not enough, challenge yourself for more 15 kilometers and arrive in the port town of Lithuania - Klaipėda

Picture © Credits to iStock/RomanBabakin

Ride along the Lithuanian seaside and explore the most popular bicycle path in the country. Just get ready your bike, follow the sings of Ošupio takas and be prepared for the most relaxing activity in the Baltic.

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