Recharge your batteries in the Seven Stairs Canyon

Eva Poteaca | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Life can get hectic sometimes. Writer William Burroughs was of the opinion that only when you learn to relax your mind, will you be able to answer most of the questions that life throws your way. One proven method of relaxation is traveling and spending time in nature. So, what are you waiting for? I invite you to come to Romania and add the Seven Stairs Canyon, near the city of Brașov, on your itinerary for complete recharge of your batteries

The history of canyon

What's so special about this canyon? Only 10 km away from the city of Brașov in central Romania, this area dates back to the Mesozoic era, when the dinosaurs still roamed the earth. The geologists recovered many fossils in the rocks and arrived at the conclusion that the lower part of the canyon exists since the Jurassic period, while the upper part corresponds to the Triassic one. Hence, the probability that the dinosaurs once lived in the area is very high.

Unique in Europe

This canyon certainly isn't advised for people who have claustrophobia. At the altitude of 948 m, the canyon has narrow corridors stretching for 160 meters with level differences of about 58 meters. Its name comes from seven staircases that were installed on the rock walls so that the tourists could better enjoy the beauty of the area without too much hiking. The canyon is surrounded by nine waterfalls and small streams that cascade down the valley. The sound of water that surrounds you, no matter where you are in the canyon, offers certain tranquility. Many tourists get the feeling that the waterfalls could pour entirely on them at any moment. The air is very pure and has health benefits.

Picture © Credit to: Savu Bogdan Mihai

Family fun 

The canyon is perfectly safe for children. All of the seven staircases are made out of galvanized steel so that they don't get slippery in the rainy period. All the groups have special tour guides that lead them through the canyon and share the secrets of the area. Important to know is that the weather is unstable here and can change at any minute. So, go prepared with the proper equipment for hiking and a raincoat.

Seven Stairs Canyon is also famous for various zip lines. The canyon has the longest zip line in the country - 2 km long. Two zip lines are specially made for kids and present a low difficulty level. Hiking in the canyon is a wonderful experience for the entire family.

When you finish hiking the canyon and still wish to have more fun, there are a few options. Instead of going back on the same trail, try hiking to Big Rock Hut and then descending through the forest. Another choice would be to hike up to the Big Rock peak. Either way, the view is amazing and relaxing

The compatibility of couples

If you see many couples hiking in the canyon, it is no coincidence. The canyon has a long-lasting tradition when it comes to couples. Men who want to get married have been coming to test the strength of their partners here. The tradition says: if a woman accomplishes the hike in the canyon and can spend a night on top of the valley without fighting with her partner, then they are meant to spend their entire lives together. At first, only couples from the nearby villages used to come here, but soon the word spread and the canyon started receiving the couples from all over Romania and the world, trying to prove that their love is eternal. 

Picture © Credit to: Savu Bogdan Mihai

Relax away

Entire groups of people return to Seven Stairs Canyon each year because they can attest to the tranquility that the place provides. The canyon is especially wonderful during the winter when all the waterfalls and streams turn to ice. The spectacular icicles get formed everywhere, and the sunlight bounces off of them creating the rainbows all around. 

The Seven Stairs Canyon has become an oasis for those who wish to take an afternoon off and recharge their batteries. Whether you wish to have some fun in nature, or just disconnect from the outside world, the Seven Stairs Canyon is the most serene place to be. 

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