Profess your love at Cantacuzino Castle in Bușteni

Iulia Condrea | Live the World

November 23, 2022

When one googles Romania, pictures of a fantasy land emerge. Breathtaking nature, scenic roads, and castles have put my country on the map. Peleş Castle is one of the big-names when it comes to Romanian history and culture. It is undoubtedly a treasure sheltered in the mountains and a frequent venue where lovebirds take romantic pictures. What most tourists don’t know is that an equally amorous spot is the Cantacuzino Castle in Buşteni. Filmmakers have taken advantage of the limited knowledge that people have of this castle and used it to bring fabulous love stories to the screen. Here is where you can profess your love and stare at the rocky Bucegi mountains.

The Cantacuzino family

In Romania, there are only few people who haven’t heard about the Cantacuzino family. Members of this aristocratic house were prominent figures, like princes of the former regions of the country, called Moldavia and Wallachia. The wealth they had is very evident when one looks at their former estates. Among these, the most imposing are the Cantacuzino Palace in Bucharest, which today is the George Enescu Museum, and the Cantacuzino Castle in Buşteni.

© wikipedia/i.zoltan

The family hired the architect Grigore Cerchez to build the castle, and in the year 1911, he finished his impressive work. This acropolis covers an area of 3148 m², and inside is a museum of opulence. The details on the stained-glass windows, the high ceilings with wooden beams, and the stone-made fireplaces leave most who enter at a loss for words. Maybe this was the intention of the family, to make their visitors take notice of their wealth. Most times in the past, the presence of such wealth signified power, and the Cantacuzino family probably wanted to make their authority known.

© istock/ Multipedia

A romantic outdoor ambiance

You may be wondering what makes the Cantacuzino Castle a favored destination among lovebirds. There are a couple of contributing factors. Let’s start with the castle’s grounds and its appearance. The building’s Neo-Romanian style makes it look like it comes straight from a fairytale. Initially, it was the only construction in the area and surrounded by forest. What makes this location even more idyllic, are the nearby river and the vast garden of the castle. As a special treat, travelers can take pictures by a unique grotto. Some say that the Cantacuzinos found the land with the cavern already on the grounds and that it was one of the reasons why they chose to assemble their royal home here.  If the grotto and the beautiful style of the building aren’t enough to make you wish to bring your sweetheart to this castle, then know that there are also waterfalls and fountains on the domain. 

© wikipedia/ Nicubunu
© istock/ Multipedia

Furthermore, travelers are astonished by the views that the castle offers of the nearby area. The rocky Bucegi mountains lay before all those who exit the castle’s gates. This panorama of the mountain range is the perfect background for those who wish* to propose** to a loved one. Marriage proposals frequently happen at the castle, and couples often come back to celebrate their wedding anniversaries* in the place where it all started. If popping the big question isn’t on your mind just yet, know that there are many hiking possibilities near the castle. Many start hiking excursions from the castle’s grounds, which can lead to the Babele Complex. That is where one can see the Romanian Sphinx, with the same height as the one in Giza.

© istock/Janoka82

Movies filmed here

As mentioned, Cantacuzino Castle is the venue of two very romantic films. Hallmark recorded both, yet one has more scenes of the castle in it than the other. Most scenes in Crown for Christmas are from the castle. So, get ready to see many spectacular views of the building and the nearby mountains in it. The second movie is called Royal Hearts and takes place mostly at the Corvin Castle. Despite this, there are many shots of Cantacuzino Castle throughout the movie. Let these films inspire you to bring you’re A-game when it comes to romantic gestures.

Yes, Romania is a fairytale land. This doesn’t mean that we can kiss frogs and that they’ll turn into princes, or that fairy godmothers are waiting in line for us to tell them our wishes. It just means that castles and landscapes which can get us into a romantic mood are easily reachable and that they’ll provide the best memories. Spoil your significant other and profess your love to them at the idyllic Cantacuzino Castle in Buşteni

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