Paphos lighthouse, the island's ornament

Anastasia Bartzi | Live the World

November 23, 2022

It is said to be the ornament of Pa[phos]( The one that is as bright as the sun and the trademark of the city. The lighthouse of Kato Paphos is the monument that holds the entire history of Cy[prus](

The imposing beacon consists part of the ar[cheological area of Paphos]( that it is located next to the little port. The recent restoration works and the promotion of the monument itself are now an indicative aspect of the long-standing cultural heritage of Paphos.

The lighthouse of Kato Paphos was the first to be built in Cyprus by the English, during the last quarter of the 19th century - specifically in 1888. It was built between the port and the Castle of Paphos, so as to help the sailors enter the city during the nighttime.

After the construction of this lighthouse, three more beacons were built; one in Ca[pe Greco ]( Agia Napa, one in Cape Kiti in Larnaca and the last one in Cape Gata in Lemesos. With the English occupation, a series of lighthouses have started being built with systematic planning, that covers the entire island in a short period of time.

The newest chronological lighthouse in Cyprus is the one that has been dominating the Akamas cape **since 1989. It stands out not only for its iron construction, but also for its height, which reaches 211 meters, making it the tallest lighthouse in Cyprus**.

Photo Credit © iStockphoto/KrakenPlaces

The imposing lighthouse of Kato Paphos is a sample of modern photovoltaic systems. Besides being solar powered, its bright range reaches 17 nautical miles. It also has the ability to store energy for 25 days, which ensures its normal operation, regardless the amount of sunshine. In the same way, there are other beacons of the free areas of Cyprus, managed by the Port Authority.

The clear lines and the rigor of the lighthouse reveal constructional functionality and precision. The absence of architectural exaggerations and the geometric form of a solid volume is based on the building principle, that "operation leads to form". The stone dominates the construction, a material that gives the impression of the lighthouse being a natural element of the environment. Built in a traditional way, the Lighthouse of Kato Paphos completes the picturesqueness of the landscape and with the impossibility of its construction, it gathers many visitors around it, all year long, but mainly during the touristic season.

The role of the Lighthouse of Kato Paphos today may not be the same as before, but it is definitely part of the cultural heritage of the place, since it releases a relaxation and contributes to the multicoloured natural landscape of the island. In the complex of the beacon, there are other premises such as the guardian's rooms where, after completion of the improvement and promotion works, a permanent exhibition is held under the title: "Cyprus, the sea and the beacons - a timeless history".

Do not miss out on visiting it! Your pictures will be no doubt wonderful! 

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