Explore the Cape Greco National Park

Anastasia Bartzi | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Ayia Napa is full of suprises and various options. It is most famous for its nightlife but it is even more famous for its National Park, Cape Greco. All year round, Cape Greco offers different options to its visitors. A lot of activities are organised by clubs, such as hiking, diving, cycling and of course more extreme and risky ones such as, cliff jumping, exploring sea caves, fishing etc. Whatever comes to mind when you think of a National Park, can be done while here.

First it was designed as a national forest Park, in the 90's. Its amazing beauty and unspoilt environment, provide tranquility and relaxation to each visitor. It was originally covered by a dense juniper forest, which was the reason why it was designed to be a National Forest Park at the beginning.  At the beginning of the 20th century, most of the junipers trees were cut down, in order to power the steam flour mills and get them back in action. After that big loss of the forest extension, the nature wasn't able to recover itself and automatically transformed into the National Park that nowadays, everyone knows.

Different kind of species and plants are being reserved in the Cape Greco. Definitely, juniper trees as well as pine trees, various flowers, and other rare plant species can all be found here, along with foxes, hares and hedgehogs.

Only a few buildings exist inside the national Park. One of these, is the chapel of Agioi Anarguroi. It is located at the top of a rock and offers a spectacular view to its visitors. In addition, a lot of people have chosen this chapel as their wedding "church" , in order to take stunning photos that depict this different and magic natural experience. Furthermore, the area is famous for its Thalasines Spilies (Sea Caves), that start from the chapel of Agioi Anarguroi and drive you along the coast to the spectacular natural bridge "Kamara tou Koraka". You will need about an hour to  complete this walk, but it will be rewarding, since you will soon find the short circular of the Aphrodite trail.

© Credits to istock/ Polychronis Giannakakis

Another sightseeing that shouldn't be missing from your list, is the lighthouse, located in the headland of Cape Greco.  Visitors can also find ruined foundations of an ancient temple devoted to Aphrodite, and there is even a small path named after her.  If you want to live your life to the limits,  go all the way down to this path, so as to find the circular sea caves routes. You will need about one hour to do the entire route, but it'd be worth it.

The experience at this natural park is just unique. The only thing that you can find is peace, natural masterpieces and a sky palette full of colors. 

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