Paklinski otoci will take your breath away

Marko Radojević | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Paklinski otoci are archipelago that represents the crown of Hvar island since it's shape reminds of a crown and since it's position in the Adriatic sea. Only a few minutes boat ride from Hvar you will reach unreal creation of nature and enjoy around 20 small islands. So wild and yet so charming, this group of islands will take your breath away! Don't you believe it? Watch the video first instead and then read the story beneath:

This playful string of small islands with low forest immersed in the blue sea has few bathing places and countless secluded beaches, coves and rocky terraces facing the sun. Interestingly, during the winter season, it is completely abandoned. But during summer, you can meet lovely hosts here to whom every guest is part of the family. Although with intact nature, this place is everything but quiet. The closest island to Hvar is Gališnik with very popular restaurants in some of Eko-Etno Hvar villages.


A little bit far from Gališnik is Jerolim, famous place among nudists for more than 40 years. Its beach Kordovon is a hidden place on the opposite side of the island and maybe one of the rare places unfamiliar even for locals from Hvar. You can party all night in Stipanska in Carpe Diem Beach Club on Marinkovac island. This island has few very cozy dining places in Ždrilca. Ždrilca also has few very small and adorable pebble beaches surrounded by pine forests. Mline is the most known beach in this part of Marinkovac.


The largest island of this archipelago is Sveti Klement (Veliki otok, or Big Island). Last year The Guardian put this island on the list of 10 most popular small islands in Croatia (be aware that Croatia has 1246 islands). It has three settlements on the island, Palmižana, Momića Polje and Vlaka. The first one has marine and is the most famous places in Paklinski otoci. When you get to Palmižana you will be fascinated by the smell of pin trees, rosemary, and other aromatic herbs. This place has to thank the botanist, professor Eugen Meneghello who was so much fascinated by the nature around, that he decided to build his own garden and summer house. This way he turned the rocks and unfavorable land into green place with many new plant species. Vlaka attracts diving enthusiasts. You can expect multicolor algae empire under water.


Although these islands are mostly visited within one-day trips coming from Hvar, there are some villas and apartments, mainly in Palmižana and Stipanska, where you can stay. So, book your vacation days, because Paklinski otoci are waiting for you!

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