Only in Bosnia: Snow-wakeskating

Ljiljana Krejic | Live the World

November 23, 2022

If you have never tried wakeskating, it might be interesting to launch yourself into this high-thrill seeking adventure next summer. But have you ever heard of snow-wakeskating? I am pretty much sure that your answer is negative. Simply because this is not an official sport and only a wakeskating legend Brian Grubb could invent this activity in equally legendary & wintry Bosnia & Herzegovina. Here is why only in Bosnia snow-wakeskating could happen.

For those less familiar with wakeskating, let’s just explain that this is a version of wakeboarding, with only one difference – the rider is not attached to the board, just like a skater. Still relatively new as a water sport, wakeskating is getting a momentum. A pioneer of this discipline, Brian Grubb has decided to bring this sport to the next level. *A multiple world’s champion and the most famous wakeskater on the planet, took his wakeskate to Bosnia & Herzegovina, in the middle of winter and he invented snow-wakeskating.*

Icy Creek on Olympic mountain of Bjelašnica



The perfect location for this experiment was chosen – th[e Olympic mountain of Bjelašnica](, 25 km from Sarajevo. More precisely, Brian has picked a place called Icy Creek (Studeni Potok), also known as Dragon’s Tail, for its curving shape. As you will see in the video, this winter wonderland of unspoiled wilderness is the best inspiration one athlete can get to perform such a demanding race.

Water & snow session of wakeskating - 1st ever

Always in a quest for new challenges, Brian has chosen Bosnia & Herzegovina because of its incredible setting and tough winter conditions. You might be wondering what one typically summer sport has to do with the snowy environment, but this is exactly what Brian found fascinating – water & snow session of wakeskating, for the very first time. A crazy combination of weather conditions and incredible terrain gave a whole new meaning to this sport.

Setting a trend for year-round adventure

Being known for taking wakeskating to unexpected places and extreme conditions, Brian wanted to inspire people to think outside the box. Practically, snow is water, so why not trying a water sport on snowy terrain? Why not taking this activity out of summertime and placing it into the winter and snow? After all, his experiment of snow-wakeskating in Bosnia might be setting a trend for a year-round adventure.

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