Omiš: turbulent history mixed with frenetic present

Marko Radojević | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Omiš has a continuity of living since the antiquity, its turbulent history mixed with the frenetic present will amaze you. A town that is in the shade of famous Split and popular islands of the Adriatic, Omiš has a lot to offer to every type of tourist. It is a place of a pleasant and friendly atmosphere, a slower pace of life, but also beautiful nature. Omiš is a town of sports adventures and is even considered the adrenaline capital of Croatia. But it is also a place where the fortresses, museums, and monuments testify to its rich history.

A bit of history

Omiš is located in Splitsko-Dalmatinska County. Once, Omiš pirates were widely known as the rulers of this part of the Adriatic. Many of the larger and stronger armies and fleets were afraid of skillful pirates from Omiš. This place was under the Venetian, Austrian and French administration, as a part of these empires and monarchies. Additionally, its name changed many times. Only in Roman times, it was called: Onaeum, Oeneum, Alminium, and Almissum. And today, in Italian, the town is called Almissa. About its turbulent history and significance witness two strongholds - Fortica Fortress and Fortress Mirabella.

Starigrad Fortress - Fortica

Starigrad Fortress - Fortica is a fort easily reachable from the city center in only 20 minutes of walking. The trail to the fort is marked, and it is not hard to climb. Certainly, the view from the fortress is something special. You will see not only all the surrounding mountains and the town of Omiš but also another fortress - Mirabella, as well as the sea and nearby islands. Fortica Fortress was built in the 15th century. This fortress of two levels was built at the top of the cliff, and in the event that the Ottoman army attacked the town, citizens would be pushing the stone blocks from the tower to prevent an opponent from conquering it. With this, the town itself would be destroyed, but it was necessary to take risks. Defensive walls are preserved on both levels of the fort, but not the interior of the fortress. Nevertheless, It is worth visiting this remarkable building in this impressive place.

Photo © credits: iStock/hjklio

Mirabella Fortress (Peovica)

Mirabella Fortress (Peovica) is just 5 minutes from the very center of Omiš. According to some historical sources, it was created in the 13th century when Omiš pirates made their own tower and observation station. Mirabella Fort is easy to reach, and the view from it, as well as the view from Fortica, is amazing.

Photo © credits: iStock/Hedwig Storch

Omiš is a place of great enthusiasm, and its turbulent history is mixed with frenetic presentOmiš has a river, a canyon, a sea, beaches and mountains. It is known as the capital of adrenaline sports in Croatia: zip-line, canoeing, rafting... What makes its appearance beautiful and impressive is its history and two fortresses that you must visit when in this interesting town.

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