Odaiba: sightseeing & entertainment paradise of Tokyo

Mayo Harry | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Odaiba is an artificial island located in Tokyo Bay. Initially, Odaiba was built for defensive purposes in the 1850s. This reclaimed land offshore Shinagawa area had continuously expanded and became a major commercial, residential and leisure area. Since the current modern Odaiba was started to develop in the 1990s, it has been known as the sightseeing and entertainment paradise of Tokyo. There are numerous shops, restaurants, museums as well as parks and beaches. It can be an excellent choice to include a one-day Odaiba adventure in your itinerary.

Travel to and from Odaiba can be a fun and memorable experience. You can feel the mega metropolitan Tokyo while you are traveling. Two expressways connect the center of Tokyo to Odaiba. One is Route 11, which enters from central Tokyo, crossing the Odaiba’s symbol - Rainbow Bridge. At the same time, the other route uses a long Tokyo Port tunnel that connects the center of Tokyo to Chiba Prefecture through Odaiba. Driving cross a lit-up Rainbow Bridge at night can be a very exciting traveling option.

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Odaiba is also accessible by public transports, and there are several options. If you are in Shibuya or Shinjyuku, the Rinkai train line is the best and easiest option. However, it would be more exciting to go from Tokyo Bay to Odaiba via the automated Yurikamome transit system from Shimbashi station or Toyosu station. While you are on Yurikamome, it is highly recommended to stand on the right front of the carriage to enjoy the open breathtaking Tokyo city view without a driver. Tokyo cruise ship is another public transport option to reach Odaiba, and it connects Asakusa and Odaiba. It might be a fun adventure to cruise the Sumida River to reach Odaiba and go back into the center of Tokyo, watching the gorgeous and dramatic city night view from Yurikamome.

Rainbow Bridge

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Rainbow Bridge is a symbol of Odaiba (798 m long) connecting the Shibaura area and Odaiba area in Tokyo. It is lit up at night, creating a romantic atmosphere that is different from the daytime. Normally, it is usually lit in white, but the colors often change for special occasions. I suggest enjoying the night view of Rainbow Bridge at popular viewing spots in Odaiba, such as Odaiba Marine Park, Fuji television building and Telecom building.

Odaiba Beach and Marine House in Odaiba Marine Park

Odaiba Marine Park is a park with artificial sandy beaches, a Marine House, and observation decks. Odaiba Beach offers a unique beach experience by looking at Tokyo skyscrapers in the distance. This sandy beach is one of the popular spots for viewing beautiful nighttime scenery. So, just sitting on the sandy beach and admiring the scenery can immerse you into a luxurious mood. Another highlight of Odaiba Marine Park is the Statue of Liberty on the promenade leading to Symbol Promenade Park. The statue of the goddess with a height of 12.25m (unveiled in December 2000) has become another symbol of Odaiba.

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The area near the Marine House is also recommended for relaxing while watching the Rainbow Bridge. There are palm trees around, which add a little resort feeling. Marine House is conveniently equipped with showers and locker rooms. It is possible to take on the challenge of windsurfing and stand-up paddleboarding. If you get tired, you can also have a meal or soft-serve ice cream at the restaurant and kiosk in the Marine House.

Amusement complex in Odaiba - Palette Town

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Palette Town offers** an amusement park, exhibitions, a shopping mall and restaurants. Palette Town Ferris wheel in Palette Town is another symbol of Odaiba**. The Ferris wheel is 115m high, and the night view of Tokyo from the Ferris wheel is breathtakingly beautiful. There are 64 gondolas on the Ferris wheel, and 4 are called a see-through gondola, which means that the floor and walls are transparent. The Ferris wheel is lit up at night and is colored in various patterns, which creates a romantic atmosphere.

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The Ferris wheel is not the only attraction in Palette Town. MORI Building Digital Art Museum: Epson TeamLab Borderless opened in June 2018 has been attracting the attention of many visitors as well. The world of digital art, which unfolds in the space of about 10,000 m2, has a reputation of surpassing the works of TeamLab so far. It will greatly stimulate the senses of visitors of all ages. The multi-jumping universe exhibit will make you feel as if you are walking in space. There is no doubt that it is one of the spots that you definitely want to visit when in Odaiba.

Observing a rich night view in Odaiba

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A spherical observation room called Hachitama in Fuji Television Headquarters building in Odaiba is a very popular night viewing spot. It is known as one of the symbols of Odaiba. The observation room on the 25th floor overlooks the representative spots of Tokyo, such as Tokyo Tower, Tokyo Sky Tree, and Rainbow Bridge.

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Telecom Center Observatory is an observation room on the 21st floor of the Telecom Center Building in the Gulf area of Odaiba. From the observation room, at the height of 99 m above the ground, you can overlook the Tokyo Sky Tree, Tokyo Tower, Rainbow Bridge, Fuji Television Headquarters Building, and more. In addition, on a clear day, you can see Mt. Fuji in the distance, and at night, you can enjoy the glittering night view of Tokyo, being recognized as a Japanese night view heritage site. There are free binoculars by the window and chairs and tables to help you soak into the atmosphere.

Onsen in Odaiba

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Oedo Onsen Monogatari is where you can fully enjoy hot springs, and it continues to be loved by a wide range of age groups as a tourist attraction in Odaiba. Inside the building, the atmosphere is like an ancient Edo-period city. Also, there are various food and activity stalls, which are often seen in Japanese summer Bon dance festivals. You can choose your favorite pattern of yukata (summer kimono) to wear around the venue and immerse yourself into the mood of the Edo period.

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You will never have time to be bored in Oedo Onsen Monogatari as there are unique, playful activities such as Ninjya shuriken throwing, bouncy ball scooping, darts, and candy corners. There are also fortune-telling counters, foot-baths, and massage. If you get hungry, there is a variety of eateries that offer sushi and other tasty foods. After soaking in the onsen, why not play in a festive mood?

This newly developed entertainment paradise of Tokyo - Odaiba will add a unique experience to your stay in the capital of Japan. It is very convenient to access it from the center of Tokyo, and you will enjoy the Tokyo mega metropolitan city atmosphere over the bay. Odaiba is a must-see destination for your Tokyo sightseeing itinerary.

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