Not a seashore, but you won’t tell the difference at Lupa Beach

Vivi Bencze | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Being a Hungarian and living in the capital of the country, I cannot really find any kind of spare time activity or anything that you could not do in this super place, but yet, there is one thing, that even Budapest is unable to offer – a seashore. However, since 2016, you already have a chance to feel yourself – and I exaggerate only a little – exactly the same way, as if you were at a beach of a random sea. Even though the closest actual seashore is more than 500 km far from the Lupa Beach, you won’t tell the difference when being here, as you walk along the lake. Yes, it’s a 100-hectare-big and crystal-clear lake, that offers everyone a perfect holiday and beach experience at the edge of Budapest, 8 kilometres from Szentendre and 20 kilometres from the City Park.

Originally, it was a quarry – those artificial lakes next to different mines you know, and slowly but surely, people started to use it for recreational purposes. It was illegal to bathe in it, but the water was so refreshing and clear, that the inhabitants of the neighbourhood could not resist plunging into the lake all the time. The year 2016, therefore, caused a little controversy, when certain investors transformed the quarry into a premium beach, and ever since, the lake is a subject to payment. Regardless of that, the idea of a white-sanded beach with exclusive sports and gastronomic service, proved to be a success story. In the second year of its existence, the beach is already one of Budapest’s most beloved spots among the local citizens and even tourists, who want to cool down in the summer heat. It can be easily accessed via the ring road of the capital, through Megyeri Bridge.

Tons of sports facilities

It won’t be easy, but I will try to enumerate the tons of sports facilities this place provides. First and foremost, I might start with the coolest ones: the extreme sports. At Lupa Beach, you have a chance to try out wakeboarding, flyboarding, hoverboarding, but you can even go for a ride by a jetovator or a jetlev. Besides that, you can scuba dive, rent a SUP – kayak if you like, and in addition, there is also a giant water theme park - not for children only. On the shore, the range of sports and recreation facilities start all over again. There are beach volleyball courts, a beach soccer/handball court, a teqball table, a complete beach fitness and a separated street workout spot, but you are also free to pamper yourself even more in the Thai massage tent. If you haven’t brought any sports equipment such as balls, rackets, frisbee, badminton, kayak, canoe, or practically anything that belongs to the beach culture, you have an opportunity to rent it here.

You’ll have sufficient

Let’s not forget about the range of gastro huts, in which you have loads of choices when you get hungry. From the usual selection of beach food, like hamburgers and gyros to pastas and pizzas, you can order seafood or shashlik, ice-cold and locally-made lemonades and cocktails, beers and everything you can imagine. There is a roughly 300-meter-long promenade, full of catering units, including a confectionary, so it’s pretty sure you’ll find something that you fancy, as well as you’ll have sufficient in the end. If you are after brunch in the downtown though, please check out my relating article about the 3 best places to have a brunch in Budapest.

To sum it up, if you are in Budapest, but you miss the usual beach experience, I sincerely recommend this exclusive place, that is although not an actual seashore, but you won’t tell the difference at Lupa Beach. Its snow-white sand, the sunshades, and the whole environment gives you a bit of a feeling of being at the Caribbean, sipping your Sex on the Beach at a tiki bar.

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