Must-visit waterfalls in Cyprus

Anastasia Bartzi | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Cyprus is the island of sand and sun with a great history and an incredible landscape. Cyrpus is particularly famous for its food and traditions. Everyone that visits this place gets astonished by its beauty and the combination of modern life with nature. People are getting more and more interested in nature, and are looking to visit places with fantastic landscapes. Cyprus, of course, gives you the option to come closer to nature and to scenes that look like they've come out of a fairytale. And while talking about impressive nature...what is better than waterfalls?

Caledonia Waterfall 

This amazing waterfall is located in Platres. It took its name from the British at the time they first visited the area of Caledonia. "Caledonia" was the name of the old Scotland, so when they saw this beautiful place, they remembered their country and decided to name it after old Scotland.

© iStockphoto/trabantos

This waterfall is one of the largest in Cyprus. It falls vertically from a 12-meter height, and almost all paths of the area lead to it. You can reach the waterfall from the main road, or if you are more of a trekking person, you can take a walk through the forest to get to it.

Millomeris Waterfall

Millomeris waterfall can also be found in Platres. This place can only be reached through nature paths- thus, you have to be a trekking lover or at least have a 4x4 car to get to Millomeris.

© iStockphoto/mpalis

The waterfall took its name from the Greek words "Milos" that means "wet" in the Cypriot language and "meri" that means "place." The flow of water from the cold river made the place moist and cool, so they called the waterfall Millomeris. The water falls from a height of 15 meters. This waterfall has only become known in recent years because its location was until recently inaccessible.

Mesa Potamos Waterfall

This waterfall is located in the outskirts of Saitta's village at an altitude of 1000 meters. Near that waterfall, you can find the Monastery of Timios Prodromos. The waterfall may be only 7 meters high, but the spectacle one can see is of unparalleled beauty -as if it were a miracle of nature.

© iStockphoto/alexnikit1981

The name of the waterfall comes from the name of the homonymous river flowing in the area. Guests can picnic in the area's picnic area which can seat up to 700 people. Next to it is the monastery of Timios Prodromos, which was built in the 12th century AD. during the era of Frankish rule in Cyprus.

Chandara - Foini Waterfall

Foini waterfall is located in the Chandara area. Everyone that visits these waterfalls gets amazed by the exquisite creation of nature that captivates and impresses even the most demanding visitor.

The imposing waterfall is accessible through a small road that is recommended to be done on foot. Foini waterfall emerges in the midst of a wild virgin landscape with pine trees, olive trees, pomegranates, and pine nuts. The visitor will be mesmerized by the scents of lavender, the cascading water as it falls, and the sweet twang of cedar.

© iStockphoto/thavornc

The water of the waterfall falls sharply from a height of about eight meters, forming at the base a small pond. The sparkling water floats on the 'hard volcanic rocks of the Gavr which are filled with tiny velvety moss, while beside the ivy the tight lumps of plane trees are tightened.

Put on your trekking shoes, grab your backpack and explore these amazingly paradisiac waterfalls while in Cyprus!

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