Lopar, a sandy paradise for naturists on Rab

Marko Radojević | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Rab is an island of contrast - in the south and east, it is uninhabited, desert-like, and without any vegetation, while the northern and western sides are green, populated, and recommended for visiting. Rab is called by the locals a Happy Island and is also known for its 30 sandy beaches. As this island is not so big, it is certainly possible to visit all the beaches if you stay more than thirty days here. Of course, you will not be able to leave your favorite beach right away, so you will definitely have to come back to this beautiful island again. Take sunscreen and swimwear, because we are going to the northeastern part of the island of Rab in Lopar, a sandy paradise for naturists on Rab.


Lopar is one of the settlements on the island of Rab. It is located in the north of the island of Rab and just like the island belongs to Primorje-Gorski Kotar County. Today there are about 1500 inhabitants in the town. The most famous stonemason from this part of the world, and the founder of the state of San Marino, St. Marin was born here in Lopar and can be found in the coat of arms and the flag of the city. Lopar seems to have parties all year long. In July alone, there are the Fish Festival and the Samba Festival. During the summer season, there are also: Pomidor Fest, Krumpir Fest, Carnival, and Sand Fest. The happy and shiny little village hosts tourists from all around the world, and each year more and more of them. Lopar is a proud owner of 22 sandy beaches, and let me add that two little islands belong to the municipality of Lopar - the Island of St. Grgur and the Island Goli (Goli Otok).

Lopar can be reached by ferry from the island of Krk, and it takes about 1 hour to get there. It is also possible to come from the south of Rab Island, with the mainland ferryboat line: Stinica - Mišnjak.

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Lopar and its beaches

The Lopar municipality has as many as 22 beaches. Each one is sandy and, honestly, it will be hard for you to choose your favorite. Rab is a well-known island suitable for naturists, so, if you are a naturist, then three beaches are your choice: Stolac, Ciganka, and Sahara. Ciganka and Sahara are places where you can come dressed too, but Stolac is reserved exclusively for naturists. How to visit all those sandy beaches? It's easiest to go to all the beaches by car, but I always recommend that you do it on foot or by bike. From the very town of Lopar to the first large and beautiful beach, it is only 1.7km so you will quickly and easily reach it walking. Besides, you can also rent bikes and move faster and easier to reach all the beaches. Aside from this, the planet Earth will be grateful.

Photo © credits to iStock/utamaria

Lopar may cover a small area, but it is the place rich in beaches and festivals. You must visit Lopar and its beaches at least once in your life. Do not forget that Rajska Beach has a blue flag for a long time, which guarantees quality and cleanliness. Also, it has been in the Top 100 list of the best beaches in the world. Welcome to the happy island of Rab and its sandy paradise for naturists.

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