Krk island and its beaches: welcome!

Marko Radojević | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Krk island is the biggest and the most popular island in Croatia. It can offer something for everyone. Whether you want to visit more beaches on the Adriatic coast, or you prefer quiet vacation in a small village you want you are very welcome to the Golden Island.

You can reach the island itself, by a mile long bridge from Rijeka. Also, on the island there is international airport close to city Omišalj (Rijeka International Airport) and we can start our journey just from here. The oldest town on Krk, dating from 3rd century, Omišalj, has retained faithful to its old look. You can visit remains of old Christian basilica from 5th century, or Church of Assumption from 12th century. Traveling along the west coast of the island, you don't need to go far from Omišalj to see remains of the old town from 1st century called Mirine Fulfinum.

Our next stop is Njivice, small and the youngest village on the island. Until 1930 it was just a fishing town and with the construction of two hotels, tourism came. If you like natural beaches with wilderness near water and rocky beaches into the wild, we will leave you here and continue our journey. Finally, the most beautiful beaches on the whole island, Malinska area! Beach Rova is considered to be most famous and most beautiful beach in Malinska area. For someone who likes nature surrounding, city beach, named Rupa, offers park right above the beach and it is in center of the town. Here you can visit beaches Draga, Vrtača, Vantačići and Valica and many more of them.


Now we can go to the city of Krk, the most visited place on the island. Besides beaches, here you can go for day and night parties! If you are here on August 8th, 9th or 10th you will feel carnival energy and become part of St. Lovro worship moments. At other times, you can choose between an open-air party in the port or dining in some quiet restaurant near the sea. For adrenaline junkies there is wakeboard and sky lift center open from spring to early autumn. Going around the south part of the island we can see Vrbnik and Šilo, both famous for their white wine, žlahtina. Be prepared, Vrbnik’s narrow streets will take your breath away, literally! As words don’t say enough, by experience, come and feel this island and don’t forget to enjoy Krk specialties not only beaches.

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